💋LIP CARE 💋What Does Your Lip Color Say About Your Health + Favorite Lip Tints, Balms & More!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Beauty Within! It’s your favorite hosts, Ro and Felicia 🙂 Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at our lip color and how it can tell and show us clues about our internal health because as we know, a lot of what we see on the outside really stems from […]

[Acne treatment Hương Đà Nẵng] Rock acne treatment and song 17/11/2019 (Eng Sub)

Hello everyone. Today I’m going to show you a case of rock acne. [“My childhood and hometown” song] I love my hometown , green bamboo fence Hometown, where my childhood passed away The winding road, peaceful river in autumn. Kite flying and football , sun burning between fields. The sky was vast, that day I […]