Introduction to Skin Care Products + My Favourite Skin Care Products | Illiya Ridzuan

Okay. Hi! *Cough Cough* Hi everyone! It’s Illiya here. Welcome to my YouTube channel! In today’s video, I’m gonna teach you about skin care. Because skin care is very important right? So here is the introduction to skin care products. Before I start, please turn on the caption for a better understanding. Especially if you […]

💧Top Serums & Moisturizers for Dry and Dehydrated Skin 💧Hydrating vs Moisturizing

hello beauty cutie-pies it Serena let’s talk about one of the most important aspects of skin care which is moisturizing and hydrating if you’ve been following along our skin care basic series you know that toners serums and moisturizers help to control sebum production for oily skin which helps fight acne and breakouts deeply nourished […]

🔥 Reviewing MOST HYPED & POPULAR Skincare Products: Klairs, Fresh, First Aid Beauty & More! (Pt. 3)

Part… Haha, your big shoulders! Part 3: Most hyped products! Hey guys, welcome back. It’s Felicia and Rowena And today we’re gonna do part 3 of most hyped products review. Can you believe we’ve already had three episodes of like five to ten product brands? And as you can see, today is no less just […]