Climbing Clinic With Óscar Pujol | Ask GCN Anything Special Edition

(cinematic music) (speaking foreign language) – Mate, I’m gonna have to stop you. It’s an English show, come on. – Sorry. – Yeah. – Welcome to Ask GC Anything. – Yes, and this week, we’ve got a climbing special. So I’ve been out of rope and fellow GCN presenter and world class climber– – Ex, […]

Financing for Facial Treatments – Cheryl’s Story | CareCredit #ShareYourStory

Hi, I’m Cheryl. I’ve been a CareCredit cardholder for 10 years. I remember being at the dentist’s office with extreme pain and then hearing about, not only the pain in my mouth, but the pain that was going to be in my wallet. And the receptionist told me about CareCredit and how easy it was […]

[Funny] Poland – Coronavirus – Communism – Iron Curtain – Treatment – Polish vodka

Polish Film Chronicle Attention, attention! All Citizens of the People’s Polish Republic [PRL] ! In our country there’s a new threat! Coronavirus pandemia is near! Western, corrupt world-powers are startled! We are not scared! Naming of the disease isn’t random…. “The Crown” is a symbol of bourgeoisie monarchy! Comrade! Keep calm! Medicine is on the […]