Webinar on Possible Effects of Medication on Communication, Swallowing

Hi, I’m Lisa Milliken, and I want to tell you just a little bit about an upcoming ASHA webinar I’ll be teaching about the possible side effects of medications and how they affect our communication and swallowing processes. So if you’re going in to treat a client and you learn that they’re on eight different […]

The Balm Furrowcious on Pre Order! NEW Renaissance Illuminate Highlighters! | Makeup Minute

Hello! I’m Jen and this is your Daily Makeup Minute for March 9, 2018 Here’s a sneak from Dominic Skinner of the new MAC Shape And Shape Brow Tint, one side having a sponge tip applicator applying a soft powder to draw in the shape of the brow, and the other end having a fine […]

#14.1 How to Help Your Senior Manage Medication (1 of 3)

{rtf1ansiansicpg1252cocoartf1038cocoasubrtf350 {fonttblf0fnilfcharset0 Verdana;} {colortbl;red255green255blue255;} margl1440margr1440vieww9000viewh8400viewkind0 deftab720 pardpardeftab720sl300qlqnatural f0fs20 cf0 Hi! I am Mary Alexander from Home Instead Senior Care and today I am talking about how to help your parents manage their medications, care. com reports that a recent study found that more than 80% of adults age 57 and older, take at least one […]

First Aid: Asthma

Now, don’t panic. Come and sit down. Make yourself comfortable. Have you got your inhaler? Don’t worry, I’ll find it. You just take deep, slow breaths. Here we are. There. Now just relax. Okay? That’s right. Now long, slow breaths. That’s right. (Marco’s breathing slows) That’s better. I wonder what brought that on? [MARCO]: I […]

How to Treat Fever – First Aid Training – St John Ambulance

(Music plays) If you think someone has a fever there are six key points to look for. To start with, high temperature above 37 degrees Celsius, pale skin, they may feel cold with goose pimples, shivering with chattering teeth, later on hot flushed skin and sweating, headache and general aches and pains. Take their temperature […]