Getting Rid of Sèxual Addiction with Vipassana Meditation – Audio of Discourse by S N Goenka

Will this technique help ascetics to live celibate life so that they don’t do evil acts? When I hear anything like this, I feel very sorry. Because the technique is a very wonderful solution for it. When this law of nature was discovered by the enlightened one.. That you are actually reacting to the sensations […]

The Discourse – Hidden Research Base Leads to New Implant Tech

The Arataka Research Consortium has confirmed the existence of a novel nanite-based cybernetics technology today, after its discovery in an abandoned research laboratory in an as-yet undisclosed location. The neural lace, codenamed Blackglass, is a significant theoretical advancement on earlier Sleeper-derived implants, such as those used in clone soldiers. Whereas clone soldier implants were wholly […]

Oxygen free radicals & cellular injury – causes, symptoms & pathology

So what exactly is a free radical? It’s a chemical species with an unpaired electron in its outer orbit. One example, and probably actually the most well-known example, is oxygen. Normally oxygen’s got the 4 pairs of electrons here, but in a free-radical situation, it might GAIN an extra electron, so now you’ve got this […]