Women Healers of Himalaya, Ayurvedic Herbs Niti Village Uttarakhand, 10,000 ft 4K

One who suffers from weakness or high blood sugar Drink its infusion early morning empty stomach Consume it daily 1-2 months or even years It is completely harmless It only acts as tonic with benefits and no harm at all I am Mrs Vineeta Fooniya I am from Mana village I got married in the […]

Discourses on an Alien Sky #23 | Remembering the “First Time”

You’ve just entered the theater of an alien sky. If the words and images seem strange to you, there’s a reason for this. Our world was once a vastly different place. To experience this won’t hurt you, and there is nothing to fear. Remembering the “First Time” Numerous mythic traditions say that from primeval chaos […]

Hypoxemia – The 5 Causes & Treatment… #1 High Altitude

welcome to another MedCram lecture we’re going to talk about hypoxemia and its five physiological causes again anything with the ending of a emia it’s gonna have to be something that’s related to the blood so hyponatremia hypokalemia hypercalcemia again it’s referring to the amount in the blood this is as opposed to the term […]

Patient-ventilator Asynchrony: Double Triggering

so double the triggering is encountered a lot in patients on mechanical ventilation, and it is very important that the intensivist is able to recognize this patient-ventilator asynchrony, and in order to understand double triggering you need to understand the relationship between the inspiratory time on the ventilator and the patient’s inspiratory efforts. In this […]