What is Social Anxiety Disorder? Mental Health Help with Kati Morton treatment scared school

Hey everybody! Today’s video is about Social Anxiety Disorder. What is it? And how do we overcome it? So stay tuned. So like I said in today’s video I’m gonna talk to you about Social Anxiety Many of you reached out to me and said this is something you struggle with and you want to […]

[Acne treatment Hương Đà Nẵng] Treatment for severe inflammatory acne of young girl 3/11/2019

Hello everyone around the world. Today, I am going to show you a case of severe inflammatory acne of young girl, Please have a look. You’ve had acne for so long, It is seriously inflamed You should buy salt water and use it to wash carefully your face. It was seriously inflamed because you touched […]

Shoulder Pain Treatment & Prevention: Rotator Cuff & Frozen Shoulder – Sock Doc

Hey this is Dr. Gangemi and welcome to our newest Sock Doc video. Today we’re going to talk about the shoulder and the shoulder joint in general. Helping out today is [Madison McCarroll]. Thanks for joining. Madison’s a great rower in the area. The shoulder you know most people think about the shoulder as just […]

MEYKO the playful medication reminder for children – Now live on Indiegogo

I have been suffering from asthma since I was a child. My parents really struggled to get me to take my medication everyday. However it was crucial for my wellbeing, and still is today. Both my parents are doctors. They come across children with medication adherence issues everyday. Sadly, there is no existing tool they […]

Ask Online Pharmacist – Steps to make OTC treatment guide for tourists

Hey, guys it’s me again My name is pratik and i’m a pharmacist based in vancouver i also founded a website called Patient and pharmacist calm that allows patients to ask questions online to a pharmacist In a way that speeds up the entire process of finding information online Anyways as you can, see it’s […]