Shoulder Pain Treatment & Prevention: Rotator Cuff & Frozen Shoulder – Sock Doc

Hey this is Dr. Gangemi and welcome to our newest Sock Doc video. Today we’re going to talk about the shoulder and the shoulder joint in general. Helping out today is [Madison McCarroll]. Thanks for joining. Madison’s a great rower in the area. The shoulder you know most people think about the shoulder as just […]

Treating Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis

Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, resistant to isoniazid and rifampin, is diagnosed in almost half-a-million new people each year. The World Health Organization recommends a 20-month treatment course, but cohort studies in Bangladesh have shown promising results in multidrug-resistant tuberculosis using shorter regimens. This randomized, noninferiority trial of participants with rifampin-resistant TB susceptible to fluoroquinolones and aminoglycosides compared […]

Mitral Valve Stenosis Explained Clearly – Pathophysiology, Symptoms, Treatment

okay well to another MedCram lecture we’re going to talk about mitral stenosis we’re talking about the features the symptoms the physical diagnosis the diagnosis treatment and when to do surgery on mitral stenosis so almost all mitral stenosis is related to rheumatic heart disease remember what rheumatic heart disease is you have an infection […]

Epilepsy drugs: Seizure Medications: Benzodiazepine, Phenobarbitol, Ethosuximide, Valproate

Help Hippo: Help Support the Hippocratic Oath Our previous tutorials explained seizure classification, and the drugs to treat simple partial and complex partial seizures. Additional seizure drugs can be remembered by: “Barbara Valiantly Sucks Good-Pam” Phenobarbitol helps GABA activation – remember “NO BARB” – means do NOT use phenobarbitol unless you’re desperate, because there tends […]

First Aid Basics : Basic First Aid: Using Rubber Gloves to Treat a Patient

Hi my name is Amy, and we are discussing protecting yourself from providing care to someone who may be bleeding severely and protecting yourself from bodily fluids. You want to treat all blood and body fluids as if they are infected even if you know the individual you are providing care for who may be […]