Houston TX Pharmacist License Defense Attorney Dallas Pharmacy License Revocation Lawyer Texas

[Beginning of Pharmacist License Defense audio] [GRAPHIC: Mora Healthcare Law, Pharmacist License Defense] Alejandro Mora: If the individual pharmacist or the pharmacy owner receives any type of notice from the pharmacy board that they’re being investigated, it’s extremely important to call this firm, to respond, to take the matter very seriously because it could lead […]

What People Who Take Mental Health Medication Want You To Know

– Yeah, I’ve taken medication for ADHD. Say something. (laughter) (inspirational music) – Yeah, talking about medication for anxiety or depression, there’s definitely a stigma. – I take medicine for my ADHD. – I was panicky and sad at the same time. – I can feel so weird even at my own doctor’s office. I’m […]

What Beauty Is Like For Homeless Women On The Streets | Shady | Refinery29

Across the country, homelessness is becoming a crisis. I wanna know how you’re gonna strengthen people to get out of homelessness. Are you planning to do anything to stop the increase of homelessness or is this just a welcome sign for the rest of the country? You need to disperse the problem. This is a […]