Afifeh Fakori, ESSEC Chair of Therapeutic Innovation | ESSEC Testimonies

One of the reasons I chose ESSEC in the first place was because it has such a huge diversity in its curriculum, although it’s a Master’s in Management. We have the option to learn about many different fields, so I was expecting to learn something new because therapeutic innovation is completely something new for me, […]

Life Renewed: MD’s 1st Zephyr Valve Lung Implant Patient Shares His Story

(peaceful piano music) – Read the card every time you press “Go”. – [Earl] She’s my little angel. When I’m down, she come and like, lift me up. – Papa, do you need your oxygen? – [Earl] Yes, Jennea – [Jennea] Okay. – [Linda] Today, she’s a grandma’s girl but she is a Pop-pop’s girl. […]

Induced pluripotent stem cells used to treat macular degeneration | David Sinclair

– [Dr. Sinclair]: But if you’re wondering why are we testing the eyes, we’re testing glaucoma, and blindness in old mice, it’s because that’s already on the market for AAV, so viral use. And it’s localized, so if there’s any problem, it’s not going to hurt the rest of the body, anyway. – [Dr. Patrick]: […]