Mayo Clinic Health System: “Special Delivery – Madelyn’s Story”

– He said, right away, “You’re kidding”. And I said, “No, I’m positive my water just broke”. – [Female Narrator] Lizzie Stoltz was definitely not kidding the afternoon she called her husband Shaun at work on Sunday, June 30th, 2019. What had been a normal pregnancy up until now had suddenly changed. Just two days […]

First British patient di es of coronavirus after travelling on cruise ship | 24h news

First British patient dies of coronavirus after travelling on cruise ship The unnamed man was a passenger on the quarantined cruise ship the Diamond Princess, which was forced to dock in the Japanese city of Yokohama earlier this month A British man has become the first UK national to die from coronavirus. The unnamed patient […]

Aleksander Smolar – How ideology can stifle discourse (145/201)

It was a marvellous year but it was also difficult because of the leftist group around me, and the sympathy everyone, even some of the professors, had for terrorists. There was a rather well-known political scientist there, a German, Krippendorff – who was a leftist from ’68. He was a close friend of Rudi Dutschke […]

Cancer Patient Perspectives Panel at 2019 CRI Immunotherapy Patient Summit in NYC

– We’re going to start with you, Tara. Why don’t you first introduce yourself and let folks here know who you are and what type of cancer you have experienced. – Well, before cancer I thought I was a normal person. I have had advanced metastatic melanoma. I’ve had 13 tumors 12 metastasized in my […]

TEDxMaastricht – Dave deBronkart – aka e-Patient Dave: “Let patients help!”

It’s an amazing thing that we’re here to talk about the year of patients rising. You heard stories earlier today about patients who are taking control of their cases, patients who are saying, “You know what, I know what the odds are, but I’m going to look for more information. I’m going to define what […]