Brüksel Kargası | Vlog | Avrupa Parlamentosu ‘Brüksel Kargası’ 19 Aralık 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen Brussels Crow, the only Turkish program broadcasted from EU Parliament is now starting We meet you every two weeks through our YouTube channel This program is made by a group of volunteers,without waiting their country to enter EU. I would like to start with introducing my colleagues Europe for Democracy Foundation, Senior […]

Drake Goes Trick or Treating On Halloween

[magical unicorn sounds] [Music Starts ‘Hotline Bling’ Parody] Halloween [Singing Captions on Screen] DRAKE/LILLY: Trick or Treat Boy Life! DRAKE/LILLY: Trick or Treat [Music Starts Parody] [Singing Captions on Screen] More pumpkin for you so watch how you speak [Music Starts Parody] [Singing Captions on Screen] [Music Starts Parody] Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah [this […]