Finding Issues in Your Discourse Community

In your assignment description, number seven and eight ask you about issues within your community. Perhaps you’ve already come across some of your previous research. If you haven’t already, you might want to explore our library databases to see if you can learn more about interesting issues or controversies occurring within your discourse community. Academic […]

Getting Rid of Sèxual Addiction with Vipassana Meditation – Audio of Discourse by S N Goenka

Will this technique help ascetics to live celibate life so that they don’t do evil acts? When I hear anything like this, I feel very sorry. Because the technique is a very wonderful solution for it. When this law of nature was discovered by the enlightened one.. That you are actually reacting to the sensations […]

Do you Spend Time to Sharpen Your Mind Everyday? | Mind Management | Swami Mukundananda

there was one woodcutter he used to cut wood daily slogging it out in the hot Sun sweating the same company employed another woodcutter as well the second woodcutter used to cut more than the first as a result of that after one year the company increased his salary the first woodcutter complained I have […]