Team America: World Police (3/10) Movie CLIP – Derka Derka (2004) HD

Derka allah muhammad jihad.Bakala muhammad jihad!Bakala muhammad jihad!Allah derka derka
muhammad jihad!Muhammad jihad!
Muhammad jihad!Oh, shit. Come on, gary, act.
You have the power. ( guns cocking )Fuck derk derk allah.Derka derka muhammad jihad.Hake sherpa sherpa bakala.Oh…Derka, derka, derka.All right, gary! Told you he was top-gun. I’ve never seen
acting that good. He’s amazing. ( band playing jaunty music ) ( singing
arabic gibberish ) Yeah, no, I know.
It’s terrible, terrible. We are bashir rebels from the
country of somalia. Who are you? My… Name is hakmed.
I’m a terrorist. Anybody know of any terrorist
attacks coming up soon? ( room silences ) (slow, suspenseful theme
playing) I sense that I’m becoming
attracted to gary. My advice is not to get involved
with a team member, sarah. It’s too painful
to see them die. I’m sorry, lisa.
I didn’t mean to bring up– It’s okay, sarah.
I treasure your friendship. I treasure yours,