Technology in Motion – Therapeutic Massage

Hey everyone; Heather Golden
back for Technology in Motion. I’ll tell you what guys, these film sessions are taking a huge toll on me. So I decided to come visit our therapeutic massage program today
and see what they have going on. So we’re going to give you a little insight look into kind of what they do and some of the benefits
coming out of this program. So hopefully I don’t fall
a sleep going through this, because I heard it’s pretty darn good. So stay tuned. [heather] Alright everyone, so we’re here today in the Therapeutic Massage program with Jamie one of the instructors. She’s actually not in this room with me because that’s not how they function. Jamie tell us a little bit about how you ensure that your students are doing the correct technique and that your clients and their safety are in order
as they’re working here. [jamie] Sure Heather absolutely. So we are one of the few programs that has Technology right into all of our therapeutic massage rooms. So we are able to ensure that our clients are doing everything.. or our therapists are doing everything safe, our clients are doing everything safe. We have a curtain over
the camera so when clients are getting undressed and redressed they are completely blocked from that, so we are protecting
their modesty in that way. But we’re also able to make sure that the students are doing all of the correct strokes and everything without having to go in and interrupt the massage session. So Jamie tell me a little bit more about the Therapeutic Massage program. Absolutely. Our program is
a one-year technical diploma. You can start this
summer with basic anatomy and then you start into
the core classes this fall. We have a fall and a spring semester and then you graduate in May. You are eligible to get licensed with the state of Wisconsin at that point. And currently our job growth is very high. We have about one hundred-fifty four openings in this area for massage therapy. Um the great thing about massage therapy is we are probably one of the few professions that everybody is happy to see you. People don’t come in with
“Ah I’ve got to get a massage today.” We always make people feel good typically. And there’s different avenues that you can follow. So if you want to work for a chiropractor if you want to work in a spa, if you want to work at a beach in Mexico, if you want to work at a hospital there’s so many different avenues. We even have it that we teach the students how to run their own business. So really the opportunities are endless. Well everyone thanks for hanging out with us today at the therapeutic massage program. I don’t know about you but thanks to Alex over here, I feel completely rejuvenated and on a whole new level. So you want to be able to give that opportunity to a bunch of clients and rejuvenate them day in and day out. This is definitely the program for you. So to learn more go to and search Therapeutic Massage. Until then I’m just going to keep enjoying this. See ya! Beep. [bloopers] Therapeutic Massage. I have a think with
screwing up program names all the time. So. Beep. Is that good. Is my face
squished enough for that? Beep. We have…….. fffbbbb for me…. damn it. [laughing]>>Okayyyy
>>We can do that again.
>>Could I start over?
>>Yup. Beep.>>Yeah I was like, where should I look. Should I look at the camera?
Should I look at you? If I look at you that’s more awkward. [laughing]