Tell Me a Story: Horses Spur Healing in Therapeutic Program for Kids with Behavioral Issues

“Hi my name is Jacob and I am twelve years old.” “I came to Children’s because I hurt somebody that I shouldn’t do.” “Tried to help me control my anger
without getting frustrated so much.” “Ever since I was a little baby I loved animals. I asked if I could do horse therapy.” “My name’s Christie. I a recreation
therapist working at Children’s” “Hospital at the College Hill Campus.” “So, Jacob, in order for you to be part of the program,” “what did you have to do on the unit and
with your behavior to prove that you” “would be a good participate in the
program?” “I had to follow directions the first
time, I had to” “not get so angry so easily, I had to” “show that I can not get in to conflicts.” “Getting to come here and do the program,” it kind of helps me when I get too frustrated and it helps me calm down.” “I’m a lot more patient. I’m a lot less angry.” “This made me happier.” “Our goal is never about” “riding, it’s about the relationship and
learning about the clients themselves,” “and the struggles that they’re having,
and” “the reasons that they’re in treatment in
the first place. In a lot of times for” “the kids they don’t have a healthy
relationship with anybody in their life,” “and” “with the horse it kinda just comes
naturally.” “They’re good mirrors for behaviors and
emotions and they can’t really fake what” “they’re feeling around a horse because” “they’re “on to them” as far as what they’re feeling. It’s a good” “opportunity for them to him be real with
themselves in a non-threatening,” “social environment.”