Testing a RUBBER Face Mask | WEIRD Skincare Review

what’s up guys welcome back to today’s
video for one that I am actually really afraid of I have been putting this off
for so long I’ve had this face mask in my bathroom cabinet for like months at this
point today you guys we are testing out another rubber face mask if you guys don’t
remember I tested out I’m going to insert a clip somewhere around here I
tried a rubber mask really early on in my channel that burnt my face I had a
mini meltdown I had to turn all the camera equipment off really just
decompress and I mean eventually it went away but let me tell you this dress was
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this is the blue berry modeling mask from the creme shop I’ll have it linked
it down below here we go ooh I don’t want to breathe too deep you don’t want
to breathe in any of those particles but it does smell like blueberry now one
thing I notice on here it doesn’t say how much water to add so I guess is
gonna be like a choose-your-own-adventure we’re gonna
start with you less is more approach why do I always make a mess every time I do
this this is the problem with masks that drives me crazy that don’t come
pre-mixed I make a mess every single time so to start I’m just gonna add a
little bit of water in here hopefully not too much I was going to go ahead and
give it a stir and let’s see what happens really heavy actually it’s
turning into thick like cookie dough this is gross it doesn’t it oh it does
have a little bit of a scent kind of like a plastic he sent now before we
apply this rubber mask I’m gonna go ahead and apply my Klairs pure
vitamin C serum the rubber mask is really gonna help to seal in the
ingredients of this serum as well as provide some skincare benefits on its
own apply this serum all over the skin so now trying to not make a total a mess
I’m gonna go ahead and apply this a rubber mask all over my skin I’m a
little bit scared because it is a little bit runny I’m gonna oh I also don’t know
if this can go over the beard or not but we’re going anyway it is a really goopy
it’s dripping right off my skin I will admit this is not the easiest
math to put on it is very goopy feel like I’m making a huge mess I don’t even
know if it should go over my eyebrows or not but hopefully we don’t peel them off
oh it feels like a bird pooped on my face it looks like a pitch
pooped on my face all over my chair it’s all over my clothes I’m just gonna go
ahead oh oh I’m melting I’m literally melting I feel like mrs. Doubtfire when
she pops her head out of the fridge okay so this is not my favorite mask so far
you guys I’m not even gonna try and smooth it out any further and actually
feel it like slowly sagging as it starts to fall off my face but I’m gonna
reserve my judgment for the next 25 minutes and it says that it takes this
mask to dry down so I’m gonna set a timer for 25 minutes and I’ll meet you
guys are right back here whew okay guys so it hasn’t been quite 20 minutes it’s
only been about Oh 10 minutes I’m gonna say I can’t wait any longer at this mask
is so itchy it’s driving me insane I had to get back on here and take it off
right away so let’s get to going eyelid oh it’s so itchy you guys I can’t even
explain it let’s get oh oh okay I’m just gonna go ahead and start to peel this
mask off or write a way I don’t even know if it’s gonna come off it did dry
down into a really cool rubbery texture it’s not totally dry yet but guys I
can’t wait anymore get this off of my skin it feels so itchy
oh my gosh oh my gosh it’s so itchy okay all right well first things first my
skin is not bruised or burned okay I gotta move faster you guys this is
really this feels like there are ants all crawling all over my skin if I’d let
this dry down it definitely would’ve peeled off a lot better look at this
flap just hanging here oh hello now I’m just gonna go peel the
rest of this off over the sink so I don’t make a total mess of a disaster
I’ll meet you guys at right back here well so after trying to peel that mask
off in the sink I literally can’t get all the masks off it is stuck to my skin
like glue these little pieces like Hello get off my skin please everything is
clewd it literally looks like I was painting the house like College painters
and I fell into a bucket of paint after a bird pooped on my face
but I figured I’m just gonna leave this on my skin and wrap this video up you
guys this was not one of my favorite face masks that I have ever used this is
now the second time I’ve tried a rubber mask and I do not recommend it using a
rubber mask they’re just a mess to kind of mix up put on your own skin as the
masks are dried down it was so itchy I needed to get it off my skin immediately
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