Testing SAMPLE PRODUCTS for 5 DAYS | Makeup Challenge

so it even like tells more how white it is in this light damn you samples! the skin is sticking to my hand holy crap I look dead oh my goodness this is pretty good job for old samples Hello my beauties! so as you can see we both get sent a lot of products but we also well I also buy a lot of products yes she does! and a lot of time we get like thrown a lot of free samples and then we just end up like a truckload of samples you just end up hoarding it so I thought why not do a challenge where we have to like literally live off of samples for a whole week okay the rules are for five days straight we cannot use anything but a sample it could be a sample size or just a sample packet or a sachet or like a I don’t know a bottle and if we run out of something and you know you like need it then you might have to like find your way of like going out and get it just ask for more samples? yeah yeah okay so wash your face moisturize it do whatever you have and then no, including your full face makeup okay okay challenge accepted good morning guys so today is day one of the sample challenge I gathered what I have here let’s start off with a face wash so it’s got these like little bead things in it oh it’s got these yeah the little white things were like little exfoliating beads okay so this is the first one I’m gonna be using face done Oh feels pretty good let’s do number two which is exfoliate Oh! Oh my God the alcohol concentration on this I don’t know how this is going to exfoliate I can’t it’s too alcoholic oh I feel like I’m wiping nail polish on my face okay moisturizer it doesn’t have a smell actually this is the moisturizer the moisturizer looks pretty good all right next I’m going in with the milk makeup okay so this is all just pigmentation and acne scarring so we’ll see if it covers it up so it smoothed out this side of the face like just so it’s even you see how there’s like redness and everything on this side I have got here the “Dr. Jart premium B.B. beauty balm” I’m just going to dot it here because that’s all I want to use today look at that it’s kind of like natural looking at least it’s not as dark as it was gonna go in with this “Smashbox” under eye primer see how it goes and then I’m gonna pair it with this it’s the “Too Faced foundation” nicely lightened up my skin I’m not too worried about eyeliners but eyebrows? terrified…. alright next going into this “Guerlian” eye shadow and lip quad you know those things that they always give you in gifts wow it’s so pigmented! I look crazy because I haven’t done my brows yet so that’s my morning routine done that is the brows that is really good this is really easy to apply I almost forgot the most important thing is perfume gonna use this Wow! everything is so pigmented from “Guerlian” and I’m using the “Gorgio Armani Si” today okay so I’m gonna finish it off with this “Tony Moly” petite bunny gloss bar oh it’s actually not as like intimidating as it looks and this is like holy crap it’s so pink! okay guys finished looks so I actually wore this two year ago because this was pretty much like a tinted moisturizer so I’m a little like glistening like the sun beam but you know it just looks natural before I head into the shower I need to like basically get all the samples ready for me time to take this off! okay so I did get this sample from “Tarte” it’s the rain forest of the sea deep dive cleansing gel it’s the apple juicy cleansing oil cleansing oil just like dissolve every time oh yes it’s so good it’s just like all gone and then you wash it off I’ve just come out of the shower I’m gonna go ahead and use this blue serum this is new by “Chanel” okay I definitely felt like immediately hydrated like the “La Mer” but the difference is this is really sticky like it’s tacky can you see it? like look the skin is sticking to my hand I’m gonna go in with the little sample “Sisley” red clay mask and I will just leave that on for 5 minutes oh my God this was amazing! this is like really subtle and the texture of this moisturizer just melts in your skin now I understand why this is so good I definitely will be looking into this product damn you samples! Now the “La Mer” eye cream this is the eye balm that I’ve used it is so good it’s actually got this like green tinge to it like a seaweed color roundup for the samples I really love that milk skin tint wasn’t too oily I found this sample and thought that it was really cool this is the pro-collagen neck decollete balm so to help with this area absorbs really quickly I like that I don’t like that sticky feel so this is good and I love that “Innisfree green apple cleansing oil” it smelled so good the mask was actually really good because it was really gentle and it was kind of like brightening in a way this is the “Jane Iredale” Just Kissed Lip & Cheek tint like wearing lipstick to bed time for bed good night wait till the next day peace for today! good morning! It’s day 2 and as you can see I’ve got this little pink dot here it means my skin is reacting to something that I don’t like I’m assuming it was the “Chanel” blue serum it’s maybe a little bit too active for me because it’s obviously irritated my skin I’ve been wanting to try this it’s the “Skin Food original serum” Whoo I like this this is so travel friendly it’s still really hydrated and it is still tinted this is incredible oh it’s quite thick Mmm it kind of smells like baby cream I also received this “Calvin Klein” runway radiance illuminating cream oh my God it’s so bronze I’m just gonna mix it in with my normal foundation it’s very luminous you could even just use this as like a really basic highlighter I found these samples and I’m like that’s exactly what I needed and this is this the “Stila” stay all day waterproof liquid eyeliner I love this this is the makeup that I did with the samples I’m pretty impressed with the B.B. cream I think when I first put it on it was really ashy but when I like when the oils is mixed in with the product it looks really flawless all right so for some eye shadow I’m gonna try out this “Smashbox full exposure” it’s got half matte shades and half shimmery shade it just looks really smooth and it kind of just like it’s still your skin but more like one color the last thing I’m going to test out is these little “Smashbox” lip thing oh my God it’s in red that’s the thing about samples you can’t really choose the shade that you want and I’m just wearing the black eyeliner and the eyebrow pencil see the reason why I like fine point is I can get precision when it’s like not fine point I always end up with bushy brows I actually just wanted to try this really it’s the “Insta-matte” lipstick transformer so it’s a gel it turned it into like velvet wow this is so awesome! and like the lips are so stained from last night I did not even have to put anything on it’s crazy I am going to try this new “Laura Mercier” it’s the brightening powder for undereyes so you can see it actually cancelled those bags out so yes I would check back in with you guys when I’m gonna get ready for tonight I’m actually really feeling this lip it’s nothing like pow! Shine! Pow! Glitter! it’s not like that so yeah I’m gonna go out to lunch now the Dr. Jart has been holding up really well my skin looks really flawless so I might just leave the space on and just work on the makeup bit it’s been like 5 hours and it was really hot today so the lip after lunch completely came off getting kind of oily the favorite item of today’s sample was probably the “Insta-matte” lip thing because it just made it like a really nice consistency on the lip and I just topped my lipstick with that “Gorgio Armani” Ecstasy gloss and it just kind of finished off the lip a little bit better and the makeup is done this is pretty good job for old samples “Nature Republic” waterproof BB cream smeared it on my face and realize it’s like 56 shades too light for my skin my lips are so dry I’m gonna be using this “Bite Beauty lip balm” one is exfoliate and one is the balm I guess I might as well use the exfoliate see this is the problem with samples you just can’t calculate what it’s gonna look like okay so I just scrub my lips feels like really dry it’s just a sugar scrub so it actually tastes sweet so I’m just gonna use it to highlight instead it’s the only way I can see this working oh my God, oh my God I’m like Michael Jackson defying myself this looks like Vaseline It’s really thick oh my goodness help! which is probably a good thing because then it is stay on all day I won’t have to need to use another one again so it even like tells more how white it is in this light Damn you samples! okay that’s on you can always kind of fix it you know with like an actual foundation that matches your face that’s better I’m kind of cheating for tomorrow I actually went to Sephora sifting through the little travel sizes to find a brow product and the only thing that I found was the “Benefit goof proof brow pencil” in a mini so although this was not a sample as such but it is small enough kind of just slide that in there okay see not too bad I just wanna give you an update on that white pale foundation that I used because I put like a darker foundation just around the outside and then left like the inner and it actually like oxidized really well and just kind of became a normal looking face even though it was so white I am on a plane now I am going to show you guys how I refresh my skin with samples these are the little samples of the foundation okay and I’m gonna highlight with this “Burberry” little sample this “Two-faced love flush blush” look how cute it is! It’s so teeny tiny! “Clinique” and it helps to refresh the face a little bit I did wear some SPF because last night I used a retinol treatment because I was breaking out from using all those samples even though Dr. Jart has such good coverage because of my skin’s reaction I am a little hesitant on actually wanting to get the full size this is the “La Mer” one this is literally all I am going to use finding it really difficult to film in here first of all this foundation is very watery it’s like kind of dripping I guess it makes sense because it’s the aqua foundation it’s a pretty nice color I just want to show you what the little “Burberry” highlighter looks like Wow! That’s so natural Sample size of “Jo Malone Lime Basil & mandarin” which is kind of cool and that’s it that’s my on flight face refresher routine oh my God I have to say that fluid base is so natural and pretty look at it this was actually a really nice color as well and I realized I only had to put like a teeny little bit on for it to like show up on my skin which is cool I love actually this foundation because it looks like skin! I might actually have to buy this foundation for the last day I have some goodies so I’m gonna try this teeny weeny little “Tart” lip paint this tiny little “Kevyn Aucoin” it’s like a little sample book it’s called the “the guardian angle cream highlighter” in halo I have like 30 hours of plane on me and I’m dying to take a shower and then I realized oh right I’m in the sample challenge so I have to like rummage through my drawer and find samples of hair conditioner shampoo and body wash look at this it is a teeny little “Nars” blush in orgasm just gonna go in with this so that is the color there really natural so we’ll go in with this now it’s definitely matte Holy crap I look dead oh my goodness it’s very smooth though and it smells like mint Mmm It’s actually a really nice color to be honest I feel like I don’t want to put anything on my face because I’ve actually kind of been reacting a little bit and breaking out just in this area I think obviously I still need to do the basic like moisturize and whatnot but I think I might be skipping makeup all together let’s finish it off with the “Kevyn Aucoin” and we’ll just dab it it’s got that like pink iridescent pearl effect very nice you can see it’s like this kind of pinky area and then here as well it really is like halo that’s the day so these are the SK-II Genoptics the Aura range I think the first thing is the serum hopefully that doesn’t break me out we’re going with this moisturizer this is called deep surge and that’s it I might just put on a little brows and concealer I think I’m gonna call it a day this is a couple hours later everything is still sitting really nicely you can still see that highlight right here it’s like so pretty I ate a little bit of rice pudding and stuff and that like matte lip cream thing from “Tart” is still very much on my lips so thumbs up to those products that I used I would highly recommend checking all of them out just some quick thoughts about this week I realize there’s just not many samples of like eyebrow products so kind of had to skip out on those things I kind of cheated and I had to go to Sephora and buy like a little tiny trial size brow product just to get me through so I think the standouts were the “Koh Gen Do” and the “Tart” lip that I wore again today because it was really good I think the best thing or I guess the most surprising thing was that the fact that companies do make eye shadow or like blush or like powder type of samples because I think that’s actually really important thankfully I didn’t come up with any sort of reaction to any of the skincare I’m so proud of myself be able to do a full face with just samples I think that’s something that I achieved myself I’m like yes thank you so much for watching make sure you click subscribe to “Beauty Within” make sure you give it a thumbs up if you like these kind of videos let us know what else you want us to do for a challenge whether it’s eating, makeup, fashion, beauty whatever it is leave it in the comments anyways hope you guys have a lovely week and I will see you in my next video bye! Bye!