The Absolute BEST Products of 2018!

hey guys I wanted to do a yearly
favorites product roundup type video I did a poll over my Instagram like a week
or so ago and a bunch of you guys said you were still really interested in
beauty related content and I haven’t done a lot of that in kind of the past
few months so I thought this would be a good place to start there’s a good mix
of things that I’ve used for a long time and you’ve heard me talk about as well
as some new things that I’ve maybe spoken about here or there but not
really gone in depth with. I’m hopefully getting in good filming habits for the new
year. I thought this would be a fun kind of cruisy video to start off with. If
you’ve got any requests as always leave them in a comment I got some good
suggestions in that poll as well which is great so thank you to everyone who
participated. I’m gonna start with skincare because I kind of had a few things that
related to that category. The first one is the Lancome advanced genifique. This is a serum, this is the first serum I ever really used, I’ve dabbled in the past but
never really committed to any, and this year was the first year that I kind ofnoticed I’m starting to get fine lines and wrinkles and bigger pores and things
like that so I’ve definitely been more skincare focused. This stuff is really
really expensive it’s over $100 a bottle it does last quite a long time and I
love it because you see instantaneous results; so it smoothes the skin it makes
everything look a lot nicer, it evens it out and makes a great base for makeup as
well. I just use it once a day because obviously it is really pricey and I
wanted it to last as long as I could. I think it recommends twice daily but I
just felt like my skin really looked its nicest throughout the day when I was
using this serum. You can often get it on sale as part of a gift pack all of the
Christmas gift packs just went on sale so I highly recommend seeing if there’s
any around online if I see any I’ll link them down below and try to get that
discount. It’s very very expensive but in my opinion, worth it. Coupling with that, this is the first year that I’ve been using an eyecream as well I’ve been using the cosmetics confidence in an eye cream.
I think I just posted an Instagram on this by the time this video goes up. It’s
just a really nice thick product and the thing about the it cosmetics range is
that there was all you know developed by plastic
surgeons I think that’s their gimmick or their tagline and I do kind of feel like
that comes into play because again when I use this I see results it plumps
underneath the eye, I have really deep dark eye troughs just naturally it’s
hereditary so no matter how much sleep I get my eye
bags always look awful this really helps to fill it in it feels very moisturizing
and thick and luxurious and in addition to making the skin feel really nice it
also really helps with that appearance it cosmetics came to Australia for the
first time this year launched in Sephora I have been working my way through
some of their products I’ve been really lucky to be sent some of their products
as well this one is one of my top favorites I did also really like the CC
cream but there’s something else that I’ve been using more than that which
I’ll talk about now. This is the la roche-posay effaclar duo tint
it’s kind of like a tinted moisturizer I find it to be a little bit more
pigmented I used to love the Laura Mercier one but this has replaced it for
me I think the Laura Mercier one was just not as heavy-duty it was very
lightweight, this is still lightweight but more buildable in coverage I find. I
included this in skincare and not in a makeup just because the I guess the idea
behind this range is that it combines skincare and makeup so this is a tinted
product but it’s meant to be anti acne it treats kind of skin care blemishes
and issues while you’re wearing it so it’s kind of a two for one I really like
it and it’s formulated as part of a line that was designed for oily acne prone
skin and you guys know that I have combo skin so this sits really nicely in my
t-zone if I set it with a powder it tends to last which is pretty rare for
me I get really oily particularly on my nose my chin so something that lasts is
a big yes from me. Another brand that came to Australia for the first time
this year, I think, again from Sephora is first a beauty these are their facial
radiance pads they’re essentially I guess toning and exfoliating pads
they’re very gentle they’re not too heavy duty they just kind of look like a
normal cotton pad but they’re saturated with product. I can’t put my finger on
exactly what it does but again I just felt like my makeup and my skin and just
everything about it looked a lot better when I
was using these I’m almost out so I’ve been kind of sparingly using them here
and there and I’ve noticed a difference between when I was using them all the
time and when I wasn’t. the box says helps exfoliate tone and brighten and I
don’t generally use a toner so it could be that that’s doing it I don’t know why
I don’t I’ve just never really done it so it could be that that extra stuff is
making a difference it could just be a combination of the ingredients it’s a
super quick step you just take out I use one pad for my whole face my neck and
the top of my chest wipe it all over when you’ve done the rest of your skin care
before you moisturise and I just really felt like it left everything looking at
that much nicer. Lastly for skincare I’ve got a lip balm, this is the bite
agave lip mask this is a mini size that I got in a kit. This is the lavender one
I do also have the full-size in the red I think it’s called smashed I think this is my
preference just because it looks really nice and plumping on the lips I’ve got
it on now it’s got a very very light lavender tint to it but it’s essentially
clear so you can put it over product if you want or you can use it as just a
regular lip mask. I love that it’s so hydrating and moisturizing but it also
looks beautiful on the lips so I feel okay wearing this as part of my makeup
routine without anything underneath these are super expensive again though
so this came in a little kit a full-size will run you $40 which is absurd, they do
currently have them on sale I think for 50% off on Sephora though so if you’re
interested in trying these highly recommen d them and if you can get it now
while they’re on sale I think it’s much better value. Alright and now we’ll jump
into makeup I guess we’ll go kind of base up so I discovered a new foundation
this year this is the YSL all hours this is a really matte product which for
my skin type is amazing and truly it does last a really long time like I said
stuff tends to break down on my skin I have used this alone I’ve also tried
mixing it with the effaclar duo tint to kind of thin it out and make it a
little lighter coverage and that worked really well as well I just apply it with
a Beauty Blender I stipple it on I can build it up in areas that I need, it is
really a medium to full coverage foundation though I find it covers
everything on my face without too much effort from me and it is just a really
beautiful finish if you do like the matte, if you don’t you’re not gonna like it at
all. I do really like the bottle too it’s a really nice heavy duty my color that I
have if you’re interested is b30 this is quite dark I tend to use this when I’ve
got a fake tan which is generally a fake tan for event and I tend to wear
foundation prevents I don’t wear foundation on a daily basis. For day to
day I tend to just wear my concealer and then my powder which you guys have heard
me bang on about, the mac mineralize skinfinish – this is my one in medium
which is literally all done, I have three colors I use the light the medium and at
the moment medium golden because I’m a little bit more tan these are amazing
they just really.. I’ve spoke about it so much I feel like I always say the same thing
but they give this beautiful effect to the skin where it almost blurs it out or
softens the focus or something and it looks gorgeous so I wear it just on top
of concealer with no foundation or anything like that but sometimes if I do
wear foundation I will use this to set it It’s a great multi-purpose product
there’s a pretty decent shade range as well. I did want to give a quick mention
to my favorite highlight for the year: Benefit watts up – you guys again have heard me
speak about this product it’s just the most gorgeous peachy finish I think it’s
gorgeous on the skin I’m not wearing it today which was pretty stupid of me but
it’s a really nice in between it’s subtle but still noticeable. It’s one of
those things that the best showcased when your head turns in the lie I get a lot
of compliments when I wear it I think it’s a little bit more subtle than
something like the Becca shimmering skin perfectors or things like that but it
still looks very beautiful. My batterie’s gonna run out so I’m gonna try speed
through these last few. the NYX matte finish finishing spray I use this every
single day my makeup lasts so much longer and it is again a matte finish,
I think they do another finish as well but I’ve only tried this one and
it’s just a nice refreshing spritz that doesn’t displace my makeup or anything
like that it’s just a good way to finish everything off. Benefit they’re real my
favorite mascara I’m wearing it now I live by it
I’ve repurchase this so many times now I did dabble in roller lash for a little
bit but I’ve come back to this one because I think that it just really
lengthens and fills everything out that much better. My brow routine is also benefit I
love the goof proof brow pencils specifically because it’s that wider one.
a lot of people prefer precisely my brow but I am lazy and not very good at doing
my eyebrows so I find that the wider tip just means that I can do it really
quickly kind of get everything in a nice shape, it takes me a few minutes in the
morning and I prefer and value my time over spending ages individually drawing
every single hair, I do not have the patience or the skill so I find this
is great and it has the spoolie on the other end which is just so freakin
convenient and then I always set with the 24-hour brow setter,
it’s clear, I have really unruly brows I’ve been brushing them up if you can
see that and this keeps them in place all day and it’s the only gel I’ve ever
used that does that. I havr a favourite eyeshadow palette that I wanted to share, I don’t think I’ve ever really spoken about, it this is the pixie get
the look its eye time – I think this was a collab with
its duty time it’s just a really gorgeous warm toned palette, I love the
matte color I really love these shimmers as well I don’t really dabble up into
this last row very often because I prefer a lighter warmer kind of look but
they are there if you want the option and I just think it’s a nice combination
I can do a whole eye look you can do a smoky eye, I can do something really natural
for daytime there’s a good combo of mattes and shimmers you’ve got really
good transition and crease colors it’s just a good basic beginner palette and
I’ve really liked warm colors this year I know it was a bit of a trend but for me
I just feel like it looks a lot nicer on blue eyes it makes them pop and you can
obviously mix it in this color down here’s not too warm so you can
definitely pair it down or mix in with other palettes that you’ve got but I
find that this is a really great one if I’m going and getting ready at a friend
house it’s kind of got everything that I need. And that is it for this video thank
you guys so much for watching let me know what your favorite product of 2018
was in the comments if there’s something you think I absolutely should try I want
to know. I hope you guys enjoyed I’ll link all my social media down below I’m
always more active on there than I am on YouTube but I’m gonna be better this
year so I hope you guys enjoyed thank you so much for watching
I will see you next time bye