The Boy Beat Makyajı | The Boy Beat Make Up Look

Hi guys! Today’s video was requested by few of you guys to do my version of the makeup trend that is very popular on the YouTube nowadays. This makeup tutorial will be my take on the ‘boy beat’ look. As you probably know boy beat makeup is invented by Beyonce’s make up artist Sir John. It is similar to no makeup look but there is a lot of the face contour and highlighting the skin. As I said before in this video I will show you my own version of this makeup look. If you are interested, please keep on watching! I am starting with the skin by prepping it with Mario Badescu Facial Spray. For primer I am taking First Aid Beauty Primer. It is very thick and moisturizing, perfect for dry skin. To make this beautiful, healthy and glowy Beyonce’s skin I am mixing my Wet N wild foundation with Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector and Smashbox Primerizer. This will provide my skin almost no coverage only evening out the skin tone and giving nice glow to the skin. I am mixing the products on the back of my hand then applying it to the face with a pedal brush and blending it in with the beauty blender. For this look I am not going to conceal much, only little bit under my eyes, some red spots of the face and the nose. For this I am using Catrice Compelete Camouflage Concealer To highlight my face I am using this cream highlighter from the Hourglass Palette and I am applying it on my skin with my finger. To contour my face I am taking bronzer from the same palette on the duo-fiber brush and contouring my cheekbones and then I am bronzing the sides of my forehead and chin as well as my neck. To give this Beyonce`s sun kissed skin I am brining the bronzer to my cheeks and the nose as well Then with the beauty blender I am mixing the bronzer shade and the blush shade from the palette and applying it to my cheeks and again little bit on my nose so I would look like I have spent the day on the sun. To set the creams in place I am taking this Marc Jacobs Loose Powder and with a big duo-fiber brush I am going over the entire face with very small amount of powder. Since this is what Sir John was focusing on the contour in this look I am taking the bronzer shade from the Makeup Forever palette and applying to the places I applied the cream bronzer before. And I am doing the same thing with the highlight from the palette and applying it to the cheekbones. In this look eyebrows are very accentuated and bushy. But since my eyebrows are very weak naturally I am using my NYX Micro Brow Pencil and creating hair-like stokes to imitate the hair. Then to set the brows and giving the hair extra volume and length I am using Maybelline Brow Precise Mascara in blonde. Normally this brow mascara is little bit to intense for me, but for the bushy brow look this product is perfect. For my eyes I am taking the Balm’s Meet Matte Ador Palette and I am mixing two shades: Matt Russo and Matt Bernard and on the dense crease brush I am applying it to my entire eyelids and my lower lash line as well. And then to intensify my eyes little bit more I am taking Matt Jones on the same brush and I am putting it across the entire lid. Since there is no eyeliner in this look I am going to intensify my eyes by using Rimmel Exaggerate Eyepencil in brown. And I am tightlining the inner rim of the eye to give a fuller lash effect. For my mascara I am using Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara and applying only one coat to keep it natural. And that completes this video I hope you enjoyed my take on the ‘boy beat’. Please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and follow me on my social media accounts! and see you in the next one!