The Carbonaro Effect – An Avalanche of Survival Gear | truTV

On “The Carbonaro Effect,” bizarre things often come
from small packages… like in this ski shop,
where I tried to sell Andy a tiny first-aid kit containing an avalanche
of survival gear. Wait. That.
And you whip it… They’re better on a ski boot,
and you hit it. Yeah, and then… -That came from that?!
-Yeah. -They put — Yeah.
-[ Gasps ] Wait. How did — After Andy,
I got a second chance to melt a customer’s brain
with my snowy sales pitch. Here’s Chris. Yeah, the inside has, like, a —
So, you whip that. If you can get it
to open up… All right. Holy moly! -Yeah.
-That’s so cool! I’ve never seen that. -It’s great, right?
-Yeah! Awesome. So if you’re out on the slope,
you open that up. And then it gives you a whole bunch of stuff
that goes with it. It’s, like, a survival blanket
and all that stuff. -Cool! Yeah.
-Okay? Yeah. -These are those extra heat —
-Oh, my God. Look at that. Michael: Yeah. You ever
use one of these things? Well, no. But, I mean,
those are for, uh — For heat.
For the warmth. -Yeah, for warmth.
-Yeah. But that’s good. It comes
with that. So that’s in there. And then these, when you pull
these out, be careful because they’ll light
right away. -Holy!
-It’s a flare, okay? There’s two of those.
[ Blows ] And it’s gonna come with
a rain poncho, as well. And if you need to — That’s
what I was saying, with the CO2. Yeah.
See, that’s working. Good. Okay. -If you need to inflate —
-How do they fit all this? -Huh?
-How does that all fit in there? That’s what I’m saying
about this Swiss ingenuity. They, like —
They engineer it that way so it’s —
so it double-vacuums it. -Yeah.
-Yeah, they compress it down. But once it pops,
it’s got, you know — So, there’s a full set
in there. And that’s gonna come with
everything you need like, you know, bandages…
What?! …a spare alcohol,
and sudoku. But that’s, like, if
you’re on the slope and you’re, like, stuck. Right. Extra jacket. And then — Yeah. There’s also a transport if you
want, but you got to be careful. There’s a safety button
on the top of that. Yeah?
And you’re gonna want to keep that pulled. And that’s just for safety. [ Air rushes ] Whoop! All right. [ Laughs ] -Sorry about that.
-No, that’s awesome! So, that’s the plastic that I
was talking about that pops out. -Holy cow!
-So, yeah. I’d like to be able to give it
to you, but just be careful. -Well, you know —
-Oh, look. It gives you eggs, too. That’s for, like,
protein on the slopes. Yeah.
-What? -Yeah.
-Those are real eggs? Those are real eggs. That’s amazing. -How the heck?
-Hold on a minute. I’m gonna get the instruction
book. That’s crazy. I have no idea where the hell
the eggs are coming from. ♪♪ Fun fact here —
I left him alone to notice that chicken on
his own, and he never did.