The Difference Between Patient-Centered Care and Co-Designed Care

When you get down to the bottom of it,
you can’t be patient and family-centred without working side by side to design
solutions with patients and families. You can be thinking about them and design
solutions that you think will be beneficial for them, whereas with
co-design that’s not part of the model, they actually have to be with you,
working side by side with you or it isn’t actually co design at all. The
thing I love about Co design is that we’re working with patients, families
providers, and leaders to all look at the 360 degree view of everyone’s experience:
Where are opportunities, where are gaps, and then figure out together what
solutions are feasible. The beauty is that you’re digging a little bit deeper,
not only into the experience of patients and families and working with them,
but you’re also digging into the experience of the professionals which we
tend not to do. We now are definitely recognizing that in some cases the
pendulum has swung too far and we’ve gotten to the point where all we think
about is the patient family experience and we’ve forgotten that the staff
experience is equally valuable and if the staff and the providers are unhappy,
the idea that we could have happy patients is kind of silly.
So the idea here is to say we want to come to you, the people who work in this
organization in a really positive but structured way to understand what it is
that’s working for you and what is what is it that’s making your job more
difficult so that we can work on that in addition to working on the patient