The Discourse – CONCORD Commandos Seize Evidence From Capsuleer Transport

Commandos sent by CONCORD Special Affairs for Regulations & Order, or SARO, assaulted a Phoenix Naval Systems ship in the Colelie system yesterday evening, seizing the corpse of the capsuleer terrorist known as ‘The Astromancer.’ PNS had intended to conduct an independent autopsy of the corpse. This Is The State political analyst Hiika Tulomainen commented: “When Pharos of Thera accused SARO of waging a covert campaign against independent researchers, they weren’t taken very seriously. However, these events seem to confirm it.” CONCORD’s Directive Enforcement Department have refused comment, due to their on-going investigation into the Astromancer’s terrorist attack. The Astromancer had led an attempt on the life of CONCORD scientist Dr. Holnar Reniret in Luminaire last Saturday, where Dr. Reniret was conducting experiments to improve CONCORD’s standardized time-keeping system. PNS formed a significant part of the defense fleet, and PNS pilot Alen Asques successfully recovered the corpse after the fighting. The Astromancer’s callsign and ship name, ‘Human Horology,’ referenced a defunct historical movement, the 25ers, who fought unsuccessfully for a biologically-derived standard time system. Declarations by the attacker indicated extremist views on time-keeping systems. However, the Astromancer’s Talos carried a corrupted trinary data repository in its hold, complicating the situation. These repositories, which CONCORD sources have referred to as ‘possible vectors of colonizing neuromemetic worms,’ are being closely studied by capsuleer scientists. The watchdog group Pharos of Thera have since claimed the Luminaire experiment was a test of novel anti-Drifter technologies. CONCORD denies this, stating that the arrival of Drifter forces in Luminaire shortly after the engagement was a coincidence. Unusually, when the Drifters were engaged by ARC forces, their Doomsday weapons failed to fire. This is Elinari Rhodan and Cyrillian Voth in Luminaire reporting for The Discourse.