The Discourse – Hidden Research Base Leads to New Implant Tech

The Arataka Research Consortium has confirmed the existence of a novel nanite-based cybernetics technology today, after its discovery in an abandoned research laboratory in an as-yet undisclosed location. The neural lace, codenamed Blackglass, is a significant theoretical advancement on earlier Sleeper-derived implants, such as those used in clone soldiers. Whereas clone soldier implants were wholly based on reverse engineering of Sleeper technology, this system demonstrates an adaptation of the technology, and its first integration with Jovian-designed Capsuleer implants. The ‘Blackglass’ system strengthens Capsuleers’ ability to penetrate electronic systems. This is achieved by directly modifying logic functions of the brain with a package of Jovian and other genetic data, using a nanite-based delivery system. The drawbacks of this technology have not yet been fully analyzed. We go now to Dr. Mizhir Starsurge of Hydra Reloaded for more. The Blackglass implant directly improves one’s ability to suppress electronic defenses. We currently theorize that this relies on ‘hooks’ with existing Skillbook-derived hacking engrams residing in the temporal lobe, possibly bypassing or suppressing certain functions of working memory formation in bridging this region directly with the logic functions of the prefrontal cortex. We have seen indications of minor cortical swelling and fever as the neural lace is established in medical testing clones, but this is as expected. Capsuleer trials are pending further analysis, but we expect to begin those in coming days. In response to an urgent enquiry from the Caille-based League for Baseliner Rights, ARC scientists confirmed that baseliner trials are not currently likely, due to the need for pre-existing implants and neural-burn pathways to support the technology. Investigation teams are still scouring the laboratory, attempting to identify the organization that may have been employing Sisters of EVE Project Discovery data before its public release. Considerable work is also being done to uncover more about this new repurposing of Sleeper technology, given that its integration with conventional implant technology represents a significant advancement of the art. This is Elinari Rhodan, and Cyrillian Voth, reporting from Isseras for the Discourse.