The Glow Summit 2019 by Ailish Lucas aka The Glow Getter – Get Glowing Skin Inside & Out.

– [Ailish] Hello lovely! I’m Ailish and welcome
to The Glow Getter blog and the UK’s leading online wellness and lifestyle summit
dedicated to getting your skin glowing from the inside out. If you’re anything like me, then you may have struggled,
or may know someone who has struggled with their skin. It’s utterly frustrating, depressing and left me feeling insecure and like I wanted to put a paper bag over my head. I tried all the conventional
beauty products, which made my eyes water
like there was no tomorrow, made my skin feel super
dry, sore and irritated, and I considered going on Accutane. Until one day, I first
discovered an organic skincare brand which I decided to try. Fast forward two weeks later and my eyes weren’t watering when I washed my face, my skin had calmed down
and I was so intrigued by what was happening. So I started a blog talking about it and went on a journey of finding out what made me glow inside and out, through clean beauty and then looking at health and wellness. Fast forward many years and I have found what truly makes my skin glow inside and out so I can help others do the same. That business? You guessed it, I help inspire women to get glowing skin through running online events called Glow Summits. I focus around five key
areas of what you eat, what you think, how
you move, what you use, and what you do and I
interview amazing women such as Sahara Rose, an Ayurvedic expert, Jo Fairley, founder of
Green and Blacks chocolate, on feeling the fear in life
and doing things anyway, Jessica Sepel, a world
renowned nutritionist and founder of JS Health, Carrie Green, founder of the
Female Entrepreneur Association on taking responsibility
for your life and many more. Everything I have learnt
to get my skin glowing focuses around these five core glow goals and I want to inspire you to
take some time for yourself, to check in, see where you’re at and lovingly look at
where you can make changes for the better. Let’s get your skin glowing
from the inside and out so you can feel confident
in the skin you’re in. Sign up below for free. Can’t wait to get to know you more. Ailish.