The Journey to Life-Saving Medication // Omaze

From the moment we are born… …we’re all on a journey. A journey marked by a deep desire for progress, to share and build upon each other’s ideas and make life better for future generations. But imagine a world where not all progress is shared. This is where we are in the fight against AIDS. Medication exists that prevents the transmission of HIV from mother to child. Yet 400 babies are born with HIV every single day. Simply because they lack access to this life-saving medication. Working together, we are changing that. Through the Project Last Mile initiative, Coca-Cola and partners are sharing distribution expertise with organizations and governments to supply hard to reach communities with critical medications. With your help we can go the last mile and provide access to a better future… …for everyone. Together, we can deliver an AIDS Free Generation. Every contribution you make helps (RED) provide life-saving medicine to those in need. The world has seen tremendous progress in this fight. In the last 5 years, we’ve reduced the number of babies born with HIV every day from 1000 to 400. Let’s bring that down to zero. Go to and donate now. You’ll also be entered to win a night out on the town in New York, with me. Plus, Coca-Cola will match every donation up to two million dollars. We’ve made incredible progress. Let’s share it with the world. And be the generation to deliver an AIDS Free Generation.