The story of Pukka | Pukka Herbs

[Tim] Welcome everyone, this is the story
of Pukka Herbs. So I’m Tim. [Sebastian] And I’m Sebastian. [Tim] And we’re Pukka’s Co-Founders.
[Sebastian] So why don’t you tell everyone how we met Tim? [Tim] Seb had been wondering
around the world becoming knowledgeable and experienced in the understanding of the power
of herbs, and Chinese medicine. And I did some ‘navel gazing’, stayed at home for a
bit, and then really wanted to explore what my mission was on this planet. So for some
reason, that led me to place an ad in a local Bristol magazine. After one week, amazingly,
one person replied. [Sebastian] I saved Tim from his navel! *laughs* [Tim] We had this
kind of kindred spirit which clicked as we met. [Sebastian] We grow up in a time when
there’s this huge disassociation from nature, and we wanted to connect people with the power,
the glory, the majesty of herbs. [Tim] You know, as we all live in these concrete jungles
of London, New York, Paris or Berlin, we’re all getting further away from nature. We thought
this was a great opportunity to bring nature back into people’s lives in a tea cup. [Sebastian]
We needed to do something really special, and there was this opportunity to make something
really beautiful. So we didn’t have a lot of money, but we were passionate about the
furture health of our planet. [Tim] And we still are. We still really concerned about
the damaging effects of modern farming. So from day one, everything had to be organic.
Thankfully we met some incredible farmers, like the wonderful Mr Shastry – and here
he is! [Sebastian] Mr Shastry is an amazingly inspiring person, and he set up one of the
first organic herb businesses in India. He’s a character, Shastry’s a top character. We
wanted to create a mission that had a purpose and a vision, and to do something brilliant
really. [Tim] We’re part of a global movement of purpose led businesses. [Sebastian] We
also give 1% of every sale to environmental programmes across the planet. [Tim] We’ve
always been passionate about looking after everyone we work with, and do our little bit
to make the world a fairer place. And we’ve help pioneer FairWild. [Sebastian] It’s so
important to us because a quarter of all the herbs used in the world today come from the
wild. I guess what we’re saying is that from a set of really strong beliefs… [Tim] the
seed of an idea has grown into a global business. But the values we started with are stronger
than ever. So It’s not just a growing business… [Sebastian] It’s a growing movement!