Therapeutic Activities for Our Seniors | Spring Hills Senior Communities

Our therapy programs definitely set us apart from other communities. Every Saturday, we have a person come. She does art therapy with our memory care
unit. It’s very simple and easy for them to do just to keep their hands busy also. It encourages them because some of them love to do the arts. With the aromatherapy we have, that gets
their senses boosted. We have different oils everyday- different
scents. Aromatherapy is very important because the essential oils stimulate different senses. Lavender and chamomile are very calming. Lemon and citrus is very awakening and it’s very important to use all of our senses. Here at Spring Hills, we have a nursery where we do our cuddle therapy. They hold these dolls and they get comfort from holding the dolls and caring for the dolls. It gives them peace to be able to give peace
to something else. We have wonderful activities here at Spring
Hills. It really makes them have a purpose and really makes them look forward to the next day.