Therapeutic Horseback Riding : Therapeutic Horse Riding Lesson

Hi my name is Connie and we are here at hearts
Adaptive a riding center in Santa Barbara, California and I’m here for Expert Village.
This is a small arena that we use here in the therapeutic riding center to teach disable
and adults for horse back riding. It’s a small riding arena they you may find in a regular
riding barn we want the riders to be close to the instructor, sometimes the rider need
a lot of help with leading inside and side walking. So the measurements are a little
bit smaller then the standard riding arena. In a therapeutic riding lesson there is a
few different parts of the lesson the first one these riders are demonstrating is warming
up and moving the different parts of our bodies. These riders are independent riders and don’t
need any leaders or supervisors cause there very good riders already. But what you see
in the arena is preparation for the game that is coming up which is going to be working
on there balance and stability they can actually stand up in there stirrups, get there seat
out of the saddle, they walk over the poles and a sequence that the instructor is going
to tell them. Part of it is memorizing the sequence and also physically being able to
complete the task.