Therapeutic Pain Injection Can Bring Relief to Your Shoulder

Therapeutic *shoulder* injections at CDI can
help to relieve your pain and improve range of motion. It could be for tendinitis, bursitis, degenerative
joint disease, frozen shoulder. Typical shoulder injection patients can be
20-years-old and up. For these injections, Dr. Joel Newman uses
X-ray guidance to make sure the needle is delivering cortisone to a precise spot. And then we have the needle in the right spot,
inject some contrast which is an agent that shows up on x-ray and lets us prove that we’re
in the right spot. Then we inject the mixture of cortisone and
anesthetic. Patients often ask, “How much will it hurt?” Dr. Newman compares it to the kind of shot
you get at the dentist. You know, you feel fullness in the shoulder,
but usually once the needle is in the right spot you don’t feel any pain. After the procedure, you can ice your shoulder. The pain might return later that day The anesthetic in the skin might wear off in an hour but when we mix with the cortisone
it’s typically good for four to six hours so it gets you through a good part of the
day. We ask patients to expect you’re not going
to have your long-term relief initially, it may take two days, it may take more so you
may get some of your pain back when the anesthetic wears off and so you may get discouraged. No reason to be discouraged, it just takes
a little bit of time for the cortisone to kick in. Nervous about your therapeutic shoulder injection? That’s normal, says Dr. Newman. We’re used to taking care of patients who
come in with a fair amount of anxiety. We’re comfortable treating patients who come
in anxious.