Therapeutic Recreation Inpatient Program at Holland Bloorview – client testimonials

When I’m here, you can actually do anything
you put your mind to and you want to do, because the people here will help you, such as your
friends or, the recreational therapist will help you do it, even if you can’t use your
hands or your feet, they’ll make a way that you can do it.
I like to do a bunch of crafts when I’m here, because, it’s really fun to do crafts, and,
you get to do different things, every time, like things, and crafts, and hang out with
friends, because, it’s fun and it just takes your mind off things. Um, keep an open mind.
Just have fun and just have a good time. Don’t be shy or scared, because, it’s going to be
really fun. If you came here for the first time, I would
tell you that you have nothing to worry about, and that the room is just sort of a nice place
to be, even if you don’t want to really do anything, you just want to talk to people,
it’s just a nice environment to be in besides your hospital bed.