Therapeutic Recreation Program

Hi, I’m Clay! I’m Lindsay! I’m Grace! (music) We’re the after-school program at Bethany,
and basically, what we do is, there’s different areas we like to touch on any given day. Whether it’s the van ride back here and coming
back and having some free time, hang out with friends that they make, you know, we have
goals for everybody. Anger management and socialization. Then we feed them a meal every night, and then hopefully do some sort of fun recreational activity. My favorite part of being a social worker,
I think is just, you come in and you have a camaraderie with the kids. It’s a family type atmosphere, and that to
me, you know, you have these kids who have all these issues and problems that we have no idea
how deep they are or how far back they go. But they come in and they trust us, and they
want to be a part of what we have going on in this family atmosphere. If you can create that, then you’ve got something. Some of them are here for a long time, and
we get to see them grow and change and go through all the grade levels and we just get to see them
grow a lot, and I think that’s really special too. Yea, over a matter of months,
you can see them change. Just from when they start to where they are
now, and regardless of how long they’ve been, they interact more and they just listen better,
I think is a big one, and their attitudes change. There’s a lot of people who are lost today,
a lot of kids, a lot of parents are lost, and they don’t have anywhere to turn,
so I think that’s our role. I mean, what we just explained, all three
of us, you know, we get these kids who come in here, I really feel they’re lost. They have no direction, they never have,
and that’s the problem. But when you have social workers, I don’t
care if it’s Bethany or where it’s at. You know, I’ve been around for a long time,
so when you see a good social worker, they’re worth their weight in gold. They really are because the work that they
put in, the hours that they put in, the behaviors that a lot of us have to deal with that no
one else will deal with. In our world, if these kids aren’t here in the
after-school hours, what are they going to be doing? Running around in our communities,
getting into trouble, going to jail. You have to have a big heart to be in this
field, and the people who are willing to put in the time and to help these kids,
that’s invaluable. We just have so much fun, and I think you
have to love what you do, but you have to enjoy who you work with. I get to interact with these kids
and see them. Even though, what they’ve been through, they’re
still great kids and they’re still optimistic, and they still love being here and
love having fun and laughing. They can just still be kids, so I think that’s
one of the best parts too. (music)