Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes Palette Review | Cruelty Free @phyrra

Hey, everyone. Welcome back. I’m Courtney, and today, I’m going to be sharing
my review of the Too Faced Just Peachy palette with you. So, I never intended to buy the Too Faced
Just Peachy palette. But, it was one of those palettes that I had
some of my local friends, who were like, “You know, you got us into matte eyeshadow, we
bought this palette, this palette is amazing, you need to buy it.” I saw some reviews online for it on YouTube,
and I was like, “Okay, looks like it’s a good palette. I’ll give it a shot, and if I hate it, I’m
just going to return it.” So, I went ahead and bought this palette. Now, just to give you a little bit of background,
I’ve been disappointed with most of the Too Faced products that have come out in the past,
I don’t know, year or so. So, when I bought the Too Faced Sweet Peach
palette, it was horrible. I absolutely hated it. It had poor pigmentation. It didn’t have a lot of peach colors. The purple in it was a joke. The smell was horrendous, it made me nauseous,
it was so sweet and cloying. I just couldn’t deal with it. And because of all the hype, and how hard
it was to get a hold of the palette, it was just like the biggest let down. So, I thought this palette was going to be
the same. And I’m so glad that it’s not. Yes, it does have like a fruit scent, but
it is cloying, it is not … It doesn’t bother me the way that the other palette did. Now, what I really love about this palette
is that, as I mentioned, it’s all mattes. And it has a lot of peach colors, and it has
red. I has a true red. And then it has a couple browns. So, some of the colors, I will probably never
use in this palette. But, for really, really easy, neutral looks,
or to use them as like a … Or to use these colors with other more eye catching colors,
this palette works really well. I’m actually wearing it right now. I’m wearing the red with some golden olive
color that I created. So, I guess let’s talk about the packaging. I love the packaging. It’s barely bigger than my hand. So, it’s very compact, very lightweight. I think that makes it great for travel. It’s also very, like, it feels very sturdy,
because it feels like it’s hard plastic as opposed to being sort of cheaper cardboard. Not that cardboard is necessarily bad, but
this feels very sturdy in comparison to some of my other palettes. For those of you who like mirrors, it does
have a nice mirror. I personally love that it has the name of
each color printed below the colors. That’s always a big deal to me. That’s how I prefer it to be. Each eyeshadow in this palette is 0.4 ounces
of product. And there are 12 colors. I’ll put the price up here, it’s like $45.00
something dollars. It wasn’t bad. I thought it was very reasonably priced. It’s cruelty free. And I believe this palette is vegan. I was surprised to see that, because usually
most reds are not vegan. I’m going to go ahead and insert swatches
of the colors for you. All of the shades in here are matte, except
Peach Sangria, which is more of like a satin matte. I’m going to zoom in so you can see the palette
up close. Now, the colors that I’ve used the most in
this palette have been Peach Sangria, which is the red, and Peach Tea, which is sort of
like this peachy, like a light peachy-brown, or a caramel brown color that I like as a
transition shade. Those are the two colors I use the most. I’ve pretty much used that color as a transition. And I’ve used the red just a ton, just because
I love red eyeshadow. So I think that’s great. A couple times when I’ve used this palette,
I’ve had problems where, like my eyes would water a little bit, and like the color would
come away. And I’d have to basically put down more eyeshadow
primer, and pack the color on top to get it to stick, because then it just didn’t want
to stick to that spot at all, which was really weird. I also have had the problems, where when I’ve
applied the red, when I go to blend it out, it wants to blend out into nothing or just
turn sort of muddy. So then I have to pack more of the red on
top. So, while I think it’s a good formula, it’s
not a perfect formula. I would call this sort of like a medium pigmentation
formula that’s buildable. And I think, because it’s that medium pigmentation
that that makes it easier to blend out, and blend the colors together. But, it also means that because it’s sort
of like a, I guess I would call it a thinner formula, that it also seems prone to having
issues where it might sheer out from too, like if you’re trying to blend. So, it’s not a perfect formula, but it’s a
good formula. I love the palette. I love the colors, because I will wear almost
all of the colors in here, except for like … I will probably never touch Peach Tart,
because it’s like that warm chocolatey brown that just goes muddy on me, does not look
flattering. I can’t make it work no matter what I do. I was kind of disappointed that Just Right,
which is supposed to be like a plum brown, but didn’t have more purple tones to it. I kind of wish there was more of like a true,
like wine-burgundy shade in here, instead of that color. Or instead of the brown either, but I understand
that most people like brown. I’m just the weirdo who doesn’t. Overall, I like that I can make a bunch of
cohesive looks with this palette. I’ve done several tutorials using it. Even just like, I’ve done some everyday looks. I’ve also used it with like the Urban Decay
Heavy Metals palette. So, I feel like it’s a really good companion
palette. It’s good for people who need office friendly
subtle, neutral looks, because it’s really easy to put them together. I really like the color layout, because everything’s
basically in like this ombre, so you can … For me, this is like the ideal way a palette should
be laid out, because then it makes it easy for me to see color combinations, and how
to put together looks in such a way that makes sense. So, I really appreciate this layout. And like I said, the scent for this one, is
not bad at all. It doesn’t make me sick. It’s not cloying, it’s doesn’t last, like
linger on my face. It doesn’t linger on my brushes. When I open it up, unless I get really close,
I don’t even really necessarily smell it, unlike the Sweet Peach, which just, I swear
the smell could drive me out of a room, it was so bad. Overall, I have no regrets over buying this
palette. If you are in the market for a new neutral
palette, I think this would be great. If you like peaches, and hints of red, this
is a good palette. If you already have a million neutral palettes,
you don’t need this one. I do feel like there are similar colors in
this to the Urban Decay Naked Heat, as well as the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance. They’re not exact dupes. So, you know, depending on your skin tone,
and the colors you like, you may want to pick one of those palettes over this palette. But, I’m really glad I have it. So, yeah, anyway, I love this palette. This is the best thing that I’ve bought from
Too Faced in a very long time. And I would like to see them put out more
things like this. With this sort of, like compact packaging
with the names on the front. And just like this overall better eyeshadow
formula. I think that this is great. So, anyway, what do you think of the Too Faced
Just Peachy matte palette. Is it something that you’re interested in? Have you tried it? Is it a skip? Let me know in the comments below. If you like this video, and found it fun,
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