Top 10 SCARIEST Trick-Or-Treat Stories

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which ranges from Scary to outright awful. 10 – Halloween Flasher
Urrrm…nothing says scary like your neighbourhood pervert…. I guess this is a big worry when parents let
their knock on doors alone. In 2013, John Vowels of Deltona was arrested
after several reports of him flashing young children. He would answer the door to trick or treaters
wearing a loosely tied robe that exposed his genitals. He is the only creep to have flashed kids
either, the same thing has happened in many countries, including Lancashire in England,
when a man answered his door fully nude to children. Ew. Nude creeps…scarier than any Halloween costume. 9 – Candy Thieves
Kids already get free sweets on Halloween, so those that turn to petty robbery are just
outright greedy. In 2011, five teenagers from Dale City in
Virginia, aged between 15 and 19, terrorised trick or treaters, demanding they give them
their candy. When treaters refused, they threatened them
with a gun and attacked the trick or treaters. Luckily, they were later arrested. 8 – Snickers Stabber
In the year 2000, a man named James Joseph Smith stuck needles in Snickers Bars he handed
on Halloween, one of which stabbed a teenager in the mouth, although it was not serious. None the less, as several children had been
given needled laced snickers bars, the police investigated and charged smith with adulterating
a substance with intent to cause death, harm or illness. Unfortunately he isn’t the only candy stabber,
on Halloween of 2016, a nail was found stuck in a snickers in Coldwater, Michigan. I guess how much can you trust strangers? 7 –Girl Shot Because She was Mistaken For
A Skunk An 8 year old girl was enjoying a Halloween
party and some fun trick or treat times when she was shot by a relative who mistook her
for a skunk. Unsurprisingly this happened in the USA, and
the girl was flown 30 miles away from her home to a hospital in Pittsburgh. She had been dressed in black and white Halloween
costume and was shot by her cousin who mistook her for the small mammal. I have no idea how, as 8 year olds are significantly
bigger than skunks, but it happened. She was in a very serious condition, but news
reports suggested she pulled through. 6 – East Coast Rapist
In 2009, three teenage girls were out trick or treating in Woodbridge, Virginia, when
they unknowingly came across the East Coast rapist. Aaron Thomas spotted the girls out walking
with a bag of candy in the rain. He used a fake gun to force the girls behind
a shop, and ordered them to lay down in a line, when he took them to the woods to rape
them. One of the girls managed to text her mum to
say that a man was raping her friend in the woods behind the CVS and she should call 9/11. Luckily the police came but Thomas got away. He was caught two years later and linked to
at least 13 other rapes. He was sentences to 6 life sentences plus
80 years. 5 – The Candy Man
For those of you that watched our video about Halloween Deaths, you will have already heard
of this man. The Candy Man was the name given to killer
dad, Ronald O’Bryan, who gave cyanide laced Pixy Stix to his children and three other
kids in the neighbourhood as they went trick or treating on Halloween in the 1970s. His son died of cyanide poisoning, however
the other kids managed to avoid the candy. The reason he poisoned the candy, it seems,
was to claim life insurance off his children to cover his debts. He was killed by lethal injection in 1984. Unfortunately for the victim at number 4 they
did not pull through, we have the murder of a 12 year old boy. In Halloween of 2008, a 12 year old boy suffered
from a fatal shot to the head as he and his family were gunned down with 30 rounds of
an assault rifle as they knocked in Quentin Patrick’s door in Sumter SC. The family were out trick or treating, but
the paranoid ex convict thought they were trying to rob and or shoot him. 12 year old TJ Darrisaw was with his 9 year
old brother and his dad, who were also injured. His mother and toddler younger brother were
not harmed as they stayed in the car nearby. County Councilman Charles Edens said “It’s
going to put a dampening on Halloween”…urm…ya think? Another kid shot for no reason on Halloween,
we have the murder of Tony Bagley at number three
7 Year old Tony Bagley was dressed as a skeleton as he went out trick or treating with his
family in 1994. Sadly as he walked excitedly ahead of his
family, a man wearing a hood ran into the street, opened fire then got away in a waiting
car. Tony’ s sister required surgery following
the attack and his aunt was shot in the leg, and his mother in the chest. All of the females survived by Tony died later
in hospital. The killer was never found and the case is
unsolved. 2 – Trick or Treat Murder
In 1957 Peter and Betty Fabiano were about to go to bed on Halloween night when the doorbell
rang. Despite thinking it was a little late for
trick or treaters, Peter opened the door with his bowl of candy and was met with a masked
woman and a paper bag. Betty heard a shot and a screech of tires
and found her husband lying in a pool of blood. He died on the way to hospital, and Betty
had no idea how to explain the crime, other than trick or treaters showed up and shot
her husband. Eventually it turned out, a jealous friend
by the name of Joan Rabel had convinced her lover, Goldyne Pizer, to shoot Betty’s husband. Pizer and Rabel called Peter evil and vile…after
Pizer had killed Peter Fabiano, Rabel hoped she would win the affections of Betty, telling
Pizer to forget her, which is how the whole seam became unravelled. 1 – The Halloween Killer. 9 year old Lisa French was dressed as a hobo
when she was out trick or treating without her parents on Halloween night of 1973. She knocked on her neighbour, Gerald Turner’s
door and he invited her in. In his confession he recalls the look of fear
in her eyes as he shut the door behind her. Lisa French never returned home and her parents
raised the alarm, she was later found dead on nearby farmland. Eventually Turner admitted to raping and strangling
the young girl and received a 38 prison sentence. At the time of the murder, he was already
accused of molesting another young girl. One glimmer of light to come from the horrible
proceedings were that law changes were made to keep sexual predators in jail until they
are deemed safe to society. Wow…so that was a sad list …..stay safe
while trick or treating and make sure you have an adult with you…or maybe pepper spray.