Top 5 Current Makeup Favorites

Hey everyone, welcome back. I’m Courtney, and behind me I have Phaedra
and Nyx, my standard poodles. Today, I’m bringing you my current top five
makeup favorites, so the first product is probably going to come as no surprise. It’s the Huda Beauty FauxFilter Foundation
in the shade Milkshake. Now, I am someone who, in general, prefers
light to medium coverage, and this is more medium to full coverage. But, it is a foundation I don’t have to add
white to. Yes, there are lots of foundations out there,
but very few foundations are light enough that I don’t have to add white to it to make
it match my skin tone. So it’s nice to just be able to pick up this
foundation, put it on, and I don’t even have to set it. I mean, I have the Idun Minerals Foundation,
which I love, but that one still has to be set with powder. This one dries down to what they call a “radiant
matte finish”. So that means I just … I don’t even have
to set it, if I’m just going to be doing normal stuff. If I wanted to make sure it’s going to last
for twelve or more hours, I will absolutely set it. But it’s nice that I don’t have to. I love that the shade Milkshake matches my
skin tone perfectly, that is amazing, hallelujah. Such a rare thing for me to find, I really
like the fact that it does sort of hide all of my flaws that I want hidden, mainly my
rosacea. It is a vegan foundation, for those of you
who are interested. I also like that it works really well for
my dry skin. It doesn’t seem too emphasize dryness, aside
from where I have the seborrheic dermatitis around these sides of those, which, sometimes
it’s there, sometimes it’s not. Overall, this is an excellent foundation for
me, and that’s why it’s in my top five. Next up is the Urban Decay Heavy Metals Palette. Now, I love this palette because it is just
absolutely freaking gorgeous. And I love all of the purple shades in it,
I love the teal, I love the silvers and the grays. Even most of the colors over here. I don’t like the browns. There are three brown colors I’m not a fan
of, but other than that, I’ve been having so much fun playing with this palette, creating
different looks, wearing it out. My favorite easy look with it is to use a
sticky base to put spandex on my lid, and then using a neutral crease color, something
like Urban Decay’s Tease or Bust, something like that. Then I actually like using just a tiny little
bit of Ground to sort of blend the two edges of the colors, and it looks amazing and just
… I don’t know. I love it, I think it’s a great palette, and
it is one of my all-time favorite palettes that Urban Decay has created, so … Yes. Love this. I really hope that I’ll be able to get singles
of Spandex and Angel Fire, because I am working through Angel Fire like crazy. Next up would be the Kylie Jenner Purple Palette. Now I had to include this, because I love
the color purple. I love that I can create so many cohesive
looks just using this palette and not having to supplement from other palettes or other
products. I love that it has all these awesome purple
shades. It has basically five purples and four non-purples. The two of the four non-purples I personally
find really … They’re colors I like to wear, like this deep
cool gray, and the stone color here, which is like this light gray taupe. The only shade in here that I don’t particularly
like is Trophy, which is this golden-bronze-brown type, which I will never wear. The only way this palette would be improved
is if that color was switched out for another purple color, but I really like that you have
a blue toned purple, a red toned purple, this iridescent purple that you can layer on top
of other shades, this color for blending out the edges of other colors. The Purple smoke, which is so amazing. I’ll put a link to my Kylie Cosmetics Purple
Palette review in case you haven’t seen it, but I love this palette and I can’t say enough
nice things about it. I’m looking forward to traveling with it,
because I think I’ll just be able to get away with just this palette and nothing else, and
be able to create awesome looks. The next product that I’m currently loving
more than just about anything else is Sugarpill Kimchi. This is sort of like a gray-lavender-mauve
with blue aqua sparkles that are very, very subtle. I hardly ever see them show up. But it’s an awesome color, so if I wear it
on its own, it kind of looks like a living-dead girl nude, which I like. So basically think like … That’s the pink type of taupe color. But what I have been having a blast … What
I’ve been doing recently is just layering it underneath … Layering it on top of different
lip pencils. So if I layer it on top of a more pinky-purple
pencil like Kat Von D LUV, or Urban Decay’s Bittersweet, it gives me this sort of grayed
out pinky-mauve. So it makes it more intense, but muted. So that’s Kat Von D’s LUV pencil, and I’m
just going to put this on top. See, it creates that color right there, and
I love it. So the Sugarpill liquid lipstick formula is
my all-time favorite liquid lipstick formula. Jouer is a close second, and so my biggest
complaint with the Sugarpill formula is that there aren’t enough colors. So I was really excited to see that they’re
going to be releasing more shades. I’m going to be snapping up Euphoria for sure,
because that’s my all-time favorite teal blue. Because I love this color and this formula,
I just use this color with other lip pencils to basically change it and tone it. Then I have a nice long wearing, comfortable
liquid lipstick that doesn’t come off my teeth. I just think the color looks great. The other pencil that I like to pair it with
is Colour Pop Marshmallow. Which … If I can get it … I need to sharpen
my pencil. I don’t know if you can see, but it’s basically
like a deeper gray version of this, so it works really well to just kind of bring out
this sort of living-dead girl tones with it. If you like unusual lip colors, I highly recommend
this one, it’s one of my all-time favorites. And last, but not least is my Makeup Geek
Celestial Highlighter. I love this highlighter. It is my all-time favorite highlighter. As you can see, I have a nice big dip in it
because of the frequency that I use it. I just feel like it has an excellent formula,
it gives you this beautiful “lit from within” glow. You can see it swatched right there on my
hand, without being super chunky or glittery. I realized when it comes to my highlighter,
yeah, I want to have it be nice and ethereal and glow-y, but I don’t want it to be chunky. I don’t really like say, Colour Pop’s highlighters
for example, because at least the ones that I have, they have these chunks of glitter
in it and it’s just not appealing to me. But this formula? Oh my god, I love it so much. I think it’s amazing. So anyway, there you have it. There are my current top five makeup favorites,
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