what’s up guys welcome back to today’s
video where I’m going to share with you the best top 5 tips for using your
favorite serum now we all know that you use a serum before your moisturizer but
did you know that there are tons of other ways to use your favorite serum so
if you’re ready to check out the best top 5 tips for using your favorite
serum keep on watching now let’s jump right into the first of the top 5 tips
for using your favorite serum this is actually my favorite serum hack that I
have used a plenty of many a time on dry patches breakout patches dull patches
sunspots you name it any first tip is using your serum as a spot treatment now
for my first serum tip I’m going to be using my missha’s a time revolution
overnight serum and this is my absolute favorite overnight serum and it’s
actually a dupe for Estee Lauder’s advanced night repair serum and this is
so good at brightening the skin hydrating the skin it is my all-time
favorite now the way that you want to turn your favorite serum into a spot
treatment it’s just like taking a simple cotton pad like this one you can use
whatever one you have in your bathroom you just want to go ahead and peel it
just right in half you’ll notice each side becomes a lot thinner don’t you
hold your cotton pad apart all you need to do is take your favorite serum get
this cotton pad nice and soaked the best part about this hack is that it lets you
target so specifically if you have any fine lines wrinkles dryness or acne
breakouts on your face you just want to go ahead and put it right on the skin
there this is the easiest DIY face mask ever guys you can just lay down let this
soak in you can put it literally anywhere on your face and this is one of
my biggest tack now my next tip for using your serums in more ways than one
is one of my all-time favorites as well and it’s adding serum into your
foundation now for the serum tip I’m going to be using my favorite daytime is
serum which is by Lancome and it is the agenda fee HD for men this is my
favorite at daytime serum because it leaves your skin a little bit matte not
too much but just enough so for this tip I’m just going to be using my Too Faced
Born This Way Foundation just going to go ahead and put a dot right on the back
of your hand or if you have a mixing tray that would work just as well you
want to go ahead and add in just one drop of serum just give it a quick mix
before you apply to the skin this is a great hack for the summertime if you
want to lighten up the texture of your foundation and this is the way to do it
this is going to make it more similar to a BB cream it’s going to add in all of
those skincare benefits and really lighten up your
foundation all you need to do is take your little Beauty Blender get a couple
of dabs and go to town now my next serum pack is here just in time for summer and
it’s adding serum in with your favorite moisturizer mixing serum in with your
moisturizer really cut it down and lightens it up this is particularly good
for summer when you want a lighter moisturizer or do you have a moisturizer
that you just feel is too heavy this is a great way to cut it and make it a lot
more smooth for this tip I’m going to be using my khlairs freshly juiced a
vitamin C drop serum and this is one of the most popular serums on long guys it
is fantastic at hydrating the skin making it bright and alive it’s just my
favorite alright we’re just going to take one drop of my Clarins moisturizer
so going to apply this directly to the back of the hand because you want to mix
these together before you apply on the skin next were going to take one drop of
the éclairs of vitamin C serum just add it directly in there just one drop will
do give it a quick swirl around I don’t know if you guys can tell that this has
become a lot more liquid already this is so fantastic for summer and this has
worked with every serum and moisturizer I have ever tried so just use whatever
you have at home now the next step for using your
favorite serum at home is all about getting that dewy and glowing skin and
it’s using your serum as a highlighter for this tip I’m using a pure squalene
oil by a company called a timeless squalene is such an amazing skin care
ingredient guys it is so restorative and regenerative but the only thing that I
find is it leaves a little bit of an oily shine so rather than only using it
at night this is the perfect serum to add along the top of the cheekbones down
the bridge of the nose to get that perfect highlight glow all you need to
do is pop a little bit on the back of your hand like so just add a little bit
to your fingers here and all you need to do is go right along the top of the
cheekbone yes you can see that already can’t you girl alright guys we’ve
reached our last best top 5 tips for using your favorite serum at home and
this one is all about your soft kissable lips which we cannot forget this tip is
adding serum into your lip care routine now for this lip tip I saved my favorite
holler onic acid buy it timeless hyaluronic acid is so amazing at
plumping up the skin and getting it really juicy and kissable
so all you to do is take a drops of the hyaluronic acid I’m going
to do them on the back of my hand here just a couple of drops all you have to
do is add a couple dabs right to your lip this is totally safe oftentimes the
skincare we forget about the lips which are so important because they often dry
out the most you can also use this to highlight your lips you could mix this
in with a lip gloss a lip tint this is just going to give you that dewy perfect
lip now I’m just gonna go in with my ultra Repair Lips therapy by first aid
beauty and put that right on top and that’s just going to help to seal that
Seiler onyx acid deep into the lip giving me the most kissable plump Kylie
Jenner lips and that’s a wrap on my best top 5 tips for using your favorite serum
at home serums are so important in your skincare routine because they can add up
to 70% active ingredients back into your skin and giving you the ultimate
youthful appearance make sure you guys let me know in the comments down below
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