Top 9 Winter Skincare Tips To Save Your Skin!

It’s officially too cold to be alive. Ok it’s still above freezing buut not by much. Hello Sunshines. If this winter weather is making your skin
as irationally angry as a celebrity at the beginning of a snickers commercial you’re
not alone. This heat is drying out my face. This cold is getting me all wind chapped. This wind is chapping my. Anyways. So I thought I’d give you guys a quick run
down of how I keep my face from staging a full scale revolt during the winter months. Now if I could just get my pants to fit. So on that note number one is go eat your
broccoli. My mother tried to turn this into kind of
a catch phrase when we were growing up but it never really caught on. But really green foods are full of all the
nutrients that are going to make your skin the happiest. Especially during the season of family feasts
and overindulgent holiday parties. Number two. Get a humidifier. Or maybe surround yourself by a small colony
of them. They come in all shapes and sizes from the
ones that fit in your car, to the cute little tiny ones that go on top of water bottles,
to the kind that you can add essential oils to and they make your house smell nice and
not like you have two dogs and a cat. These are one of your best lines of defense
to keeping your skin hydrated without swearing off heat and freezing your butt off all winter. And while we’re talking about hydration, water. Drink it. Like a lot of it. I tend to be less thirsty in the winter because
it’s not so hot so I have to be mindful that im still drinking plenty of water so that
I don’t get dehydrated. And at least in my book La Croix totally counts. I drink like a pack of those a day. Ok number four. Exfoliate buuuuuut not too much. So this is kind of a frustraiting balance
for me to nail during the winter months. Exfoliate too much and my skin is raw and
irritated and dried out. But don’t exfoliate enough and my skin is
flaky and congested and dried out. Plus break out city. To avoid this I like to lay off harsh physical
exfoliants and go for a more gentle option like a face wash with glycolic acid to gently
slough off dead skin, keep my face clear, and help my moisturizer penetrait deeper. And I usually alternate this with a hydrating
oil cleanser so that it doesn’t get to be too much. Two that I’ve been really liking this year
are the First Aid Beauty Milk Oil Conditioning Cleanser and the Algenist Genius Ultimate
Anti-Aging Melting Cleanser. Both of these work really well to take off
your makeup also so sometimes I’ll use them as a precleanse before I use my regular cleanser
just to make sure I’ve got all my makeup off. Five so for treatments I like to use a vitamin
C serum year round to help keep my skin bright and glowy. But in the winter I also make a point to go
for products that contain hyalunronic acid. Ive been using Neutrogenas hydro boost line
which is a great option if your looking for something from the drug store there are a
ton of prestige brand products with hyaluronic acid available as well. This ingredient is a hydration super star! It’s able to hold almost 100x its weight in
water and helps keep your skin balanced and supple and its even great for oily skin. Now I also really like to keep a good hydrating
face mask in rotation this time of year. Im particularly a fan of the First Aid Beauty
Oatmeal Mask. Its hydrating and it also contains colloidal
oatmeal so it helps soothe irritated, itchy, winter time skin and you only have to leave
it on for ten minutes so its quick and its easy. Alright number six. Up the ante on your moisturizer. Now this ones probably a no brainer but your
obviously going to want to use a hevier moisturizer in the winter time. Ive been using the first aid beauty ultra
repair cream because it deeply hydrates without feeling greasy and its fragrance free, which
helps keep from irritating already angry skin. Number seven. Sweat to it! Find something active to do and do it as often
as you can. Aside from the obvious help itll be to me
not living in my my thanksgiving pants forever it gets the blood flowing and it helps to
deliver important nutrients to your skin. Bonus points if its okayish enough weather
to do it outside and get some vitamin D. Getting outside to jog for a few minutes is a big
help to the gloom that I feel when the time changes in the fall. So number 8 is probably something that is
one of the farthest things from our mind when it gets dark at 5:30 pm and it feels like
we may never feel the suns warm embrace again. Sunscreen! Your should be wearing at least an SPF 30
everyday even if your barely going outside. Or not going outside at all. Flourescent lights give off UVA rays which
do cause wrinkles and its easy to underestimate the power of the sun when your not seeing
enough of it. You can get sunburned even on a cloudy day. Even at night. That last one was a lie. So since were all stuck with our skin for
the long haul slap some sunscreen on so that way it’ll look nice for many grueling winters
to come. Number nine. This is the last one and I kind of thought
of it last minute but I suffer really badly from dry chapped lips in the winter time. And while drinking water really helps with
this exfoliating my lips every week with a good sugar scrub and using a really good healing
lip balm makes a big difference. And the one that ive found that makes the
biggest difference in healing my lips and keeping them from getting all gross and winter
timey is this guy. Hanalei. Hanalei. Hanalei lip treatment. Its from Hawaii obviously so its very exotic. Anyways I was first introduced to it form
an ipsy bag and completely fell in love because it changed the game for my lips. It contains fatty acids and vitamins A, C,
and E so it helps repair my damaged, angry, winter time, mouth breathing lips. Alright my sunshines that is all I have for
now. Tell me what your favorite witnter time survival
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that could use a little sunshine in their day.