Trail Chat – Overland Wilderness First Aid Kits

Hey Guys! Getting out into the middle of nowhere on an off-road adventure is lot of fun but with that comes responsibility for
taking care of ourselves, if we run into a situation that calls for
first aid. So today I want to talk a little bit about our approach to first aid and what
that means. So first of all we break it two different groups. We’ve got personal
first aid kits that every individual going out needs to take responsibility for and then we have the
larger group trauma kit. When we talk about your personal first kit, there you’re
gonna have band aids, tweezers aspirin. This is the take care of the little cuts and scrapes you might get. Your also
gonna make sure that you have things like insect repellent probably sunblock as well your personal meds you
may need for yourself. This could be things
like asthma inhalers (aa) just anything you need to have in case we get
stuck overnight or you run into a situation where your
personal meds are required. When we get to the larger group trauma kit that we’re taking care the serious
problems. So there were managing for broken bones large cut, deep cuts, things like second, third-degree burns as well as having eye
wash kits cold packed and even some (aa) space blankets to take care treating
shock. Lots of gauze pads soaking up making sure
we can stop the bleeding might be coming from a deep wound. So. That’s sort where we go at it from. Somewhere up here you probably see a link. That link will take you to our website
we break this down in a lot more detail. Give you some (aa) links over to the Red Cross. They also have some
ideas for you to put into your first day kid and some reading materials so that you’re prepared and know how to recognize what needs to be taken care on a more serious first incident as well as then assessing the best way to get them out. Alright. So we’ll talk to you guys soon. Bye!