Travel First Aid Kit for Cruise Ship

A few more things to bring, what is very important, is a first aid kit. And what you need of course, is some bandaids, and an antibiotic cream, and I also brought some oil of oregano ,which, you know, I am into natural stuff, so that’s what I brought. And some tea tree oil, which kills infections externally, echinacea, if you feel a cold coming up on this, you are on a ship, you are on a micro, little, environment that is contained on the ship, so if you feel something coming on, just take a big shot of echinacea, and alka seltzer, of course, very important. There is so much food around, and you know, temptation is, of course, there. And it’s good to have an Alka Seltzer for the stomach. This is gravol, for motion sickness. I also bring along some liquid, no sting liquid bandage. And I also bring some H2O2 along, some hydrogen peroxide food grade, for (cough) sorry, couple of drops in a glass of water will help the stomach, and also some apple cider vinegar, and also my, my vitamins, I put in tiny little bags, count them up, and in a clear bag. And I also bring a tensor along, so that’s, and of course, aspirins, which are not here. But that’s a first aid kit, and it fits, most of it fits into that little bag here, okay. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen. [email protected]