Treating Leech Bites!

– I’m Coyote Peterson, and
today, I’m gonna show you how to clean up a
leech bite, or 12. Look at that. They are all over me, and all but one leech
is now on my arm. (tense music) Now the best way to remove
a leech is to just use the edge of your finger,
and what I want to do is softly slide the anterior
sucker off of the wound. And look at that leech. Oh, that one just popped off. Ooh, and now I’m popped off too. Look at that. Well, they are done eating. Look at how big that leech is. It is full of blood,
and look at the blood just pouring out of
my hand at this point. – [Voiceover] Wow. That leech basically said,
“Okay, I’m done eating. “Back into the water with me.” What you want to do is just
gently slide your finger over the anterior sucker. Here you go. Look at that. I got the leech pop off, and then I can just pop
those anterior sucker off. And plop, back into the
water with that leech. (groans) There we go. Ooh, that one hurts. Look at that. You could see the
blood just seeping out. Ah, there’s four
of ’em right there. This is going to be
the bloodiest spot. You guys ready? One. Two. There you have it,
the final leech. You guys ready? Dinner’s over, buddy. (groans) And it’s all about the
amounts of anticoagulant that actually went into my hand. I may be bleeding for
hours at this point. (groans) Okay, so at this point, I have pretty much done
everything that we need to do with the leeches. As you can see, my hand
is completely covered in blood and leeches. Look at that. It is literally like
a shark attack scene. That is crazy. Wow, that’s a lot of blood. Welcome back, everyone. Okay, so today
what we’re gonna do is show you how to
clean up a leech bite. Look at my arm. Totally gross, right? Now I must note upfront that I am not a
medical professional. If you are ever
bitten by any animal, even something as
simple as a leech, seek medical attention
if you feel you need it. What I’m gonna show you
today is the basic first aid for addressing a leech bite. I have 12 of them so
this is a little extreme, and as you can see, I am dripping blood
absolutely everywhere. Now I have a few simple
things here with me I brought out into the field. Hydrogen peroxide, Band-Aids, wet wipes, and Neosporin. Oh, and because this
is Dragon Tails, some Ninja Turtle Band-Aids. – [Voiceover] Oh yeah. – Oh yeah! – [Voiceover] Donatello.
– [Coyote] You know it. – I also have some paper
towels and some water. Now the first thing I’m gonna do is wash off some of
this drying blood. Okay, I want to get this blood. Oh man, look at that. It is just like coagulated
all over my fingers, and my fingers are cut. They’re just small,
little incisions where the leech actually bit me. There are so much blood
all over my hands and arm. It’s tough to see where the
actual wounds are located. At this point, I have a
lot of the residual blood cleaned off my hands and
arm but look at that, you can see where the
exact bite zones are as the blood is
continuing to bubble out. Look at that. Ain’t that crazy? And my next step. Gosh, it just won’t stop. Is to use basic wet ones. Now these are antibacterial,
and what this will do from an initial first go is
just kill any of the bacteria that is right on the surface. You can also use alcohol
pads or iodine for this. Ah, that stings! And that’s good. I want all the germs that
came out of the leeches, suckers and saliva to
begin to break down. Man, that’s crazy. Look at that. Look at that one right there. Okay, now the next
thing that I’m going to is hydrogen peroxide. I like hydrogen peroxide because
it will actually break down the enzymes in the
leech’s saliva. It also fizzes and
kills all the bacteria around the site of the wound. Now I have used hydrogen
peroxide on every single wound that I have ever gotten
when out in the wild. Knock on wood. So far, I have never
gotten an infection. So now, I have
antibacterial on there, as well as hydrogen peroxide,
and it definitely seems that the bleeding
has slowed down from the hydrogen peroxide. So what we’re gonna do is
I’m gonna take little dabs of paper towel,
and stick them over each one of the bite sites. Now what the paper towel is
doing is forcing the blood to stay in one spot, and that will ultimately
help it coagulate and clot. And if you guys are wondering if I’m in any kind of pain
right now, absolutely none. It feels like nothing so I’m
gonna let these little dabs of paper towel sit there
for about five minutes, and then we’ll move
on to the next step. Okay, now the next
thing that I’m gonna use is Neosporin,
multi-action ointment, and this one specifically
kills 99% of germs. Let’s hope that it works. I use Neosporin on
absolutely everything. – [Voiceover] Not a paid advert. – No, this is not a
paid advertisement. I just always carry Neosporin. Neosporin honestly just sponsors because we go through
tubes of this all the time. Now you’ll notice that
there’s a lot of blood still coming out, and I
will bleed for several hours so I have to keep
changing the bandages but I’m feeling pretty
good about this. Now the bleeding has definitely
slowed, and at this point, I think it’s time to
put on some Band-Aids, and because this
is Dragon Tails, we’re gonna use Ninja
Turtle Band-Aids. Look at that. Raphael, the red one. Perfect for all this blood. Now here we go. I’m just going to
pop that Band-Aid right there over the bite. I’m sure you were
thinking to yourself, “Are those tiny little
Band-Aids really going to stop “all that bleeding?” No. No, they aren’t. Well guys, I tried to make the
Ninja Turtle Band-Aids work but unfortunately, the
bleeding just is not stopping so we’re gonna have
to go to plan B, which is using gauze
and medical tape. Here’s how you do this. Now in a normal situation if you’ve been bitten
by a single leech, Neosporin and Band-Aids
should do the trick. Again, keep in mind that my
arm was in that container with leeches for over 20 minutes so these bites are
pretty massive. All right, so what I’m
gonna do with this gauze is make a compress, and this
will be a temporary barrier until the bleeding stops enough for me to put on the Band-Aids. I’ll wrap the whole
hand real tight. The tighter I make this,
the better it’s gonna be. Now you’ll notice that the
bite up here has stopped, and the one on the
underarm also has stopped so that will be a perfect spot
for a Ninja Turtle Band-Aid. Look at that. All right. Well, at this point, I am
pretty well bandaged up, and I do want to keep
an eye on these bites for the next 24
hours to make sure that no sort of
infection is forming but I think ultimately,
I’m gonna be just fine. I’m Coyote Peterson. Be brave. Stay wild. Don’t get eaten
alive by leeches. We’ll see you on
the next adventure. If somehow you missed
eaten alive by leeches, make sure to go back and
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