Treatment for Myxoid Liposarcoma | Laini’s story

(slow music)>>You hear about breast cancer and you hear about colon cancer, but you don’t really hear about sarcomas and I just thought that
this would be a good way of touching the lives of others
while spreading my story.>>Cancer can feel helpless, so being able to do little things also gives you, I think,
a sense of empowerment.>>It does. I first noticed the
lump at volleyball camp. I looked down to my left and there was something
protruding from my leg. My mom had this immediate
bad feeling about it. July 2nd, a year ago,
I had my tumor resected and they sent it to pathology and my orthopedist realized
that it was most likely cancer. My mom decided that she wanted to take me to a sarcoma center because she wanted me to receive the best treatment possible.>>When we were driving up, we
actually received the results of her PET scan that
had been done locally, so we knew that it hadn’t spread. That was a big relief, but to come up and meet with
three of the top specialists in sarcoma and hearing
three separate people across the discipline give
the same recommendation filled us with a lot of confidence.>>How are you?
>>Good, how are you?>>When Laini first came to visit us, she had already had surgery
at an outside center and we had already had an
outside pathology report that showed that she
had what was fortunately a low grade soft tissue
sarcoma of the thigh. We elected, given its low
grade nature and her young age, to try to avoid radiation. Given the fact that there were
no other sites in her body, we thought that she would be best treated with what’s called a
wide local re-excision, taking out the prior tumor
bed and the prior surgical bed to try to get better
margins around the tissue. She had also presented with a
fluid collection in the area that we wanted to remove in
case there were any tumor cells that might’ve been left behind.>>I would say, from our
perspective surgery day, he did a fantastic job
just addressing everything that we had talked about in pre-surgery and he was able to cut out
the first scar completely and have enough tissue
to do internal stitches. And I’ll never forget,
he said he was gonna do his best to do that because she was a 14 year
old girl and she deserved it. (slow music)>>I just wanted to do something
that can impact someone and hope is a small
word, but a big meaning.>>Laini just celebrated
her first anniversary of being tumor free. We’re super excited for her. Her scans have all come back clean. We’re gonna be following
Laini for several years and I look forward to a prolonged time of seeing nothing on her scans.>>Here’s my scar and
the fluid accumulation has gone down and it’s faded a lot since the original surgeries.>>They kept her three
days in the hospital and we drove home, she
started high school eight days after her surgery, started
with half days and on crutches. It had only been about two
months since her second surgery and she decided to try out
for travel volleyball team and she didn’t expect
to make the team at all and she just said, I’m just
gonna try out because I can and there are kids that can’t. And somehow, just pushed herself,
really, really tried hard, and was able to get a position. (slow music)