Treatment Integrity

One of the things that we want to share with
you is a little bit about treatment integrity. Treatment integrity is such an important concept
and we want to make sure that we collect information on whether or not this entire framework is
being implemented. Your plan is being implemented as it was designed so as part of our training
model we encourage schools to have all faculty and staff weigh in twice a year to say what
pieces of that plan are taking place. What are you teaching? What are you reinforcing?
and what are you monitoring? To do that we have these measures and there’s a teacher
self-report version that is completed twice a year and is completed by anybody that’s
actually providing instructional time to students. So twice a year they have all the core elements
of their CI3T framework and they use a Likert type scale to indicate which pieces are happening
so there’s a total score for that measure as well as a section on what am I teaching,
what am I reinforcing, what am I measuring? We also have a direct observation tool that
represents a subset of those items so in as you’re looking at this selection it measures.
We’ve talked a little bit about what’s there to support training. We’ve talked a little
bit about what’s there to support implementation and we encourage at every step of the way
just to make sure that you are incorporating a range of stakeholders views and that we
are cutting information on two really important core components that you need to draw accurate
conclusions about how things are working. We want you to collect information on social
validity and we also like to make sure you collect information on treatment integrity
and I want to emphasize these are not research things these are real life things that we
need to know what people think about this before they start because we need that information
to support additional professional learning that’s needed and we need to know what’s
happening in schools because we absolutely do not want to say that a student is not responding
to Tier 1 efforts if we don’t even have any information on how Tier 1 is happening in
a school. So thinking about these things and moving forward we wish you every success and
we encourage you to check out other places on our website where you can see about some
training materials to actually use in your professional learning. We have a whole new
section on low-intensity strategies that you can use for teacher delivered strategies both
at tier 1 and as tier 2 and tier 3 supports.