Treatments For Damaged Hair | Dr. Bindu’s Expert Advice

How do we treat hair which has been damaged? Two reasons why this can happen that can be
because of external treatments or an internal cause. External treatment could be because of chemical
treatments or over processing or over blow drying that means excessive heat which is
given to the hair and very very close together, it could be probably twice a week blow drying
or there could be an internal cause which cannot be ignored. That is protein deficiency or thyroid abnormality,
hypothyroidism or inadequate thyroid hormone or over thyroid hormone production that is
hyperthyroidism gives rise to dull frizzy and flyaway hair. How do you take care of the dry damaged hair
which has already occured? Now for this, there would be an in the clinic
treatment and the treatment which you could do at home. First thing, as I said, if the cause is over
processing and chemical treatment, then the treatment for the dry, damaged dull hair would
be three months stay away from any of these chemical treatments and also very important
blow drying or the heat treatment. Even if the blow dryer has to be used ideally
it should be on a cooler setting and it should be ideally 6 inches to 8 inches away from
your hair. Secondly what you can do at home is that deep
conditioning with warm coconut oil. Apply the warm coconut oil and wrap a hot
towel around it. Leave it on for about 30 minutes. Do this once a week. You could use a hair mask and that hair mask
is you could either use avocado, honey and yoghurt or just plain cream and honey is an
excellent mask. The cream will give you the moisturiser and
the honey also will give you moisturizing property on the hair. So this mask can be used by you at home. In the clinic, we do have treatments. The treatments in the clinic are, first we
do MESOPORATION or what we call as haircial. Just like you have a facial, this is a haircial. What is done is that the scalp is cleaned
thoroughly with a cleanser and then there is deep poration which is done. Mesoporation which is done that is biopeptides
are applied onto your scalp and those are deeply penetrative forcibly penetrated inside
with an electroporation machine which is non invasive and that can be done once a week
because that penetrates and goes to the roots and helps in increasing the follicular maturation,
follicular turnover time. This can be done once a week and in addition
also in the clinic we do low level laser light therapy which is given for about half an hour
and that is LED light which nourishes the roots Another thing can be done in the clinic is
what we do is Advance PRP that is Platelet Rich Plasma. Your blood is taken and the platelets are
isolated and growth factors are taken and injected into the scalp and that helps in
the roots to multiply rapidly. Normal hair growth time is 1cm per month but
when you do this treatment it helps to increase in the the hair regrowth time and also increases
the density and also increases the thickness and it helps to moisturise your hair. So these all treatments will help bring your
hair back to the crowning glory what it was. Thank you.