TreeFrog Therapeutics – Cell Therapy for All – Stem cell company

For thousands of years humans have been using nature and mainly plants to treat diseases. But with the advent of chemistry, plants were replaced by chemical, plants producing pills. At the end of the 20th century, a shift took place within the pharmaceutical industry towards bioproduction. Cells are now used as microscale medicinal factories. And here come cell therapies. Since Shinya Yamanaka
won the Nobel prize in 2012, we can directly replace sick or aged cells
using stem cells, which are turned into the desired cell type
and implanted in the body. Cell therapies are therefore opening
a new era for medicine. There is now hope for a regenerative strategy to cure chronic diseases such as Parkinson’s, diabetes, heart failure. However there is a major drawback. Pluripotent stem cells that are
the raw material for cell therapies are very fragile and difficult
to culture at an industrial scale. For now stem cells have been grown in 2D at the bottom of a plastic dish. The process is long, does not deliver healthy cells and requires a lot of space. To grow only one liver with this technology you would need the equivalent of a football field. At TreeFrog we only need a small bioreactor. And because our technology is faster, we can deliver fresher cells that will perform better in the body. So, what’s our secret ? We invented a 3D cell culture system
that closely mimics the body’s physiology. This new technology enables to mass-produce stem cells with an industrial-grade quality. Our goal is to make cell therapies accessible to all. We are building a stem cell factory
to treat millions of patients