TROUSSE DE SECOURS (First aid kit)

Tonight I wanted to talk to you about one important thing, this is the first aid kit. So when we go camping for one night, do not start telling you nah it’s good I’m leaving for one night I take nothing, nan nan nan! Because if you get burned you’ll be happy to find either biafine or small tulle gras to put you on the burn. So if you do not know how to do it, surround yourself with people who know, I’m lucky enough to have a sister who is a nurse, so she prepared me this little zip bag like that all ready I just have to slip it in the bag. What are you, well, there are things for burns, there are compresses, things of first necessity, so here we go. Second thing, the first aid kit, it’s personal do not start distributing stuff to pull the joke it’s useless because the day you need it under the nose there will be nothing. It is enough that you forget to repackage it then in addition it will be the pompom. So really keep in mind that there is no point in troubleshooting Pierre Paul Jacques a first aid kit is done to help and it is not the neighbor who will help you believe me. When you have a problem you have to rely on yourself if you are alone in the forest and I do not know how you cut yourself or what and you will only have to rely on you. So that’s why it’s important even if it is for one night it slips into the bag it takes two seconds after course when you go trek three days think to take things a little more consistent. And here is also do not hesitate to make sure that the first aid kit is suitable for you can personalize everyone sees noon at his door as they say and here after it is not to make the raptor to say nan nan should not distribute and quite the contrary I am rather the kind to help but there really all that is health is really personal it’s something you should not laugh with. Good I take this opportunity to thank my sister who made me this little kit very nice I slip it all the time in my bags even out to the day or what bah it does not leave me, I did not have luckily the opportunity to use it but in any case I know it is there and if I need I have more than take it. Well there I’m peeling the small spades to chamalow, good given that I’m greedy I took a Y like that there are two spades at once. Oh good life, no love, no problem without worries Yeah I know I’m singing like a pan, so what? Well it is on these delicious images of beautiful sandwiche chamalow that I tell you tomorrow, in any case I had a great good day there I’m going to go to bed because I’m knocked ciao.