Unusual Easter Eggs in Episodes 1 and 2 of Life is Strange 2

If there’s one thing that DontNod love, it’s including in-jokes and references for you eagle-eyed fans. There’s no lack of Easter Eggs in Life is Strange 2, so let’s dive into some of the secrets you might not know. Spoilers for Life is Strange 2 on the horizon. Cassidy: “Oh god… he’s gonna call the cops on us, Finn!” CASSIDY AND FINN The two drifters you meet at
the Christmas market in Episode 2 draw on the last names
of two famous historical figures. Cassidy comes from Butch Cassidy, an American train and bank robber, and the leader of a gang of criminal outlaws known as the Wild Bunch in the American Old West. Cassidy: “Sorry dude, we don’t do leashes.” And Finn is named after Huckleberry Finn, the protagonist and narrator of ‘Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’, and best friend to Tom Sawyer. Finn: “You should keep your distance, dude.” Another point of interest regarding our southern belle Cassidy is that she shares her name with some talented musicians, including David and Eva Cassidy. Maybe there’s magic in that name! Cassidy: “You got a crush on me or somethin’?” CASSIDY’S SONG Expanding on the musical talent of Cassidy, the song she covers at the Christmas market in Episode 2 is much more than a pretty melody. Cassidy sings ‘I Found A Way’ – First Aid Kit It’s called ‘I Found A Way by First Aid Kit, and there’s a lot of meaning behind the lyrics for both herself and Sean and Daniel. With lyrics such as “I’ll follow you where you go” and “I need your condolence and your trust” you can see how these feelings are reflected in Sean and Daniel’s relationship, as well as between Cassidy and Finn. Co-game Director, Raoul Barbet, and the DontNod audio team go through songs and lyrics painstakingly before putting them in the game. What other resonant meanings can you find in the soundtrack? And more importantly, what do the lyrics capture for you? Let us know in the comments. Sean: “You have a great voice.” Cassidy: “It’s cool that you listened.” HAWT DAWG MAN The meaty and mighty mascot of Life is Strange appears numerous times throughout the first game, and there continues to be references to him within Life is Strange 2. If you have obtained the Mascot Bundle, you can customize Sean’s backpack with a thumbs-up patch and a cuddly keychain. While at the Three Seals Motel in Episode 1, Daniel watches the animated Hawt Dawg Man show on their motel room’s television. Daniel: “Oh, cool! Hawt Dawg Man is on!” And at the abandoned house in Episode 2, Daniel finds and reads an issue of
the Hawt Dawg Man comics. Sean: “Daniel would have been mad without these.” We even have a life-size mascot suit of him in the Square Enix office. He’s taking over! EXIT DOOR TO SOMEWHERE ELSE Chloe Price’s iconic ‘Hole to another universe’ graffiti is echoed in Life is Strange 2 when exploring Karen’s room in Episode 2. If you turn on Karen’s bedside lamp there’ll be an option to look at her side table. There, you can see that Karen has scratched ‘exit door to somewhere else’, showing that she’s thematically linked to Chloe by their shared desire to escape. Chloe: “Get the hell out of Big Foot-ville
and into Los Angeles.” 1337 TRAIN The train that Sean and Daniel hop on at the end of Episode 2 has 1-3-3-7 written on the side. A form of internet language called ‘Leet-Speak’ that replaces letters with numbers. That same train originally appeared in Life is Strange. Whilst Beaver Creek and Arcadia Bay
aren’t exactly near, they’re still in the same state of Oregon. So, it’s entirely possible that this is the same train that Max saved Chloe from in the original game. Chloe: “You saved me again… Crazy.” Those were just some of the secret Easter Eggs and references that may have been missed. Did you find any more? Let us know in the comments if you did, or if not, which was your favorite from this list? Subscribe for more official Life is Strange content and have notifications turned on to be the first to know when we upload. I’ve been Lucy from the Square Enix Life is Strange team, and I will catch you awesome possums next time.