Using Dialectics Across Therapeutic Modalities

Hi I’m Dr. Nikki Rubin and I’m a
licensed clinical psychologist. This course is
really actually just for anybody who’s
heard about dialectics is maybe not a CBT practitioner. Totally OK. This course is really designed
for any clinician regardless of your psycho therapeutic
orientation or the modality that you’re using. And this course is going to
help you not only learn really what dialectics are, which I’ll
give you a little teaser here, two opposite things
exist at the same time. You’ll you’ll see what
I’m talking about once you get into the course. To
basically help patients become more psychologically flexible
and more adaptive to changing contexts to different things
that they encounter because you know a lot times
in therapy we see people that get pretty rigid
pretty linear about things. This course is very user
friendly, very practical. I really want you
to take things away that you can immediately
use with your patients at your very next session. So I hope you’ll join me.