Valsartan Heart Medication Tainted With Cancer-Causing Chemicals – Recalls & Lawsuits

A major heart medication has been recalled
because batches of the drugs had been contaminated with cancer-causing chemicals. Now, can’t make that up. This, drug that people are … This is an
entire class of drugs. The problem is, we know exactly where the
contamination is coming from. It’s being contaminated with toxins from jet
fuel. Take it from there. This is such an odd story here. Valsartan is this class. It’s used in blood thinners and heart medications. It’s manufactured or final manufactured, I
guess you would call it. Part of the manufacturing process is done
over in China. While they’re doing that, somehow this chemical
called NDMA, it has a very long scientific name, hard to pronounce. Horribly toxic, horribly carcinogen. Right, it is. This thing will absolutely give you liver
cancer, this chemical does. In very small doses. What’s interesting about the chemical, this
is what everybody can’t miss, is what we call a dose response. The dose response is very, very small. This is a critical point. Right, and so they go through this manufacturing
process in China. It gets contaminated with this jet fuel NDMA,
cancer-causing chemical, shipped not just here to the US, all over the world. That’s any valsartan medication made by A-S
Medication Solutions, which is also labeled as Solco Healthcare, Bryant Ranch PrePack,
HJ Harkins Company, Northern Pharmaceuticals, and the biggest one is Teva Pharmaceutical
Industries. They made a lot of this also labeled as Actavis
and Major Pharmaceuticals. Any one of those that contains valsartan has
been recalled for containing this cancer causing-chemical. Here’s the problem though, here’s where it
really gets ugly. A company understands what’s happened here. They understand that they’ve put millions
of people at risk. And so a person that … If you don’t see
this on this story for example, you probably won’t even know about it because corporate
media won’t tell stories like this. The idea of being able to turn on the nightly
news and have corporate media say, “Hey look, you might want to know the heart medicine
you’re taking, the blood pressure medicine that you’re taking has been contaminated with
a drug, with a chemical, a toxic chemical that is so toxic that the dose response that
you get in very, very low doses can be projected and can develop cancerous problems in a time
period that is actually faster than a normal progression of cancer.” Because it goes to the liver and the liver
is so susceptible to cancer. That’s the unique thing about this. Sometimes you hear about a contaminant, you
hear about a toxin that’s a contaminant and it causes cancer and usually it’s a very latent
process. It takes a while for it to develop. Here, this NDMA works a little differently. It works right on the liver. The liver is very susceptible to the cancer
in this toxin. If you know somebody taking any of the drugs,
read the list again, I think it’s important. Oh yeah, let me get that here. It’s important to point out, these are heart
medications and people unfortunately cannot just stop immediately taking them. They have to go visit their doctor and they
need to do that. If you think you are on one of these medications,
you need to do that immediately. Let’s just post it. We’ll post it on the show because I want everybody
to see this. But, here’s what’s really important about
it. Every time you hear a drug that’s been a recall
or it’s got a problem; it’s causing death, it’s causing disease, the industry always
comes out and says to the FDA, “You got to tell people that they can’t just stop taking
it suddenly as if there are no other kinds of alternatives.” There are alternatives to every drug out there. Very unusual where there’s not an alternative. This is a class of drugs that treats blood
pressure, it treats heart. There are many classes of drugs that do that. So yes, you want to get an alternative, but
the idea of, “Oh my God, I got to be so afraid because I got to keep taking this stuff.” Understand, these people want to continue
selling this drug even though they’ve pulled it from the market. The inventory that’s left out in the market
is massive. Right, and my point is that it’s not that
they have to keep taking the contaminated drug, it’s that if you’re on heart medication,
you have to remain on heart medication. The consequences of skipping it can be deadly. You’ve got to get to your doctor as soon as
possible to get a better prescription for a drug that’s not going to oh by the way,
give you liver cancer in addition to your heart problems. And another oh by the way moment, they’ve
known about this for a very long time. They’ve sat on it for a very long time. These companies could’ve sent out their doctor
letters, they could’ve done a withdrawal. They could’ve got in the newspaper and said,
“You need to know about this.” They didn’t do it because every day the drug
is on the market, they’re making more money. What we always see them do, this delay in
getting the message to the person, “Don’t take this anymore. It’s been withdrawn.” They understand their inventory out there
is massive. As we sit here and talk about it, people are
still using this drug. They’re not in a big hurry. Well, here’s the thing to, you know who else
wasn’t in a big hurry? It was our own FDA because 22 other countries
had already pulled valsartan containing medications off the shelves before our FDA said, “All
right, I guess we’ll do a recall. Everybody else did it, we’ll finally do it.” Like it was a yawn moment. The death toll in Flint, Michigan can be much
as 10 times higher than originally reported and the situation is just as bad today as
it was a few years ago. Got a couple of minutes. This story is an agonizing story for those
folks in Flint, Michigan. It really is because what we’re finding out
now, these deaths that were talking about, this actually isn’t the lead. This water the, same lead-contaminated water
is also contaminated with Legionella bacteria and that is absolutely one of the most deadly
bacterias in the US that you can get inside your body. We’re looking at at least, I think about 116
people dead from this whereas the official death toll that the city gave is was 12. Well, the Legionella story tells you how contaminated
the water is. Legionella thrives in contaminated environments. That’s the notion of Legionella. But it’s not just you’re going to have lead
poisoning and your children are going to have mental deficiencies because of it, or you’re
going to have systemic organ problems because of this. Now we know the Legionella has the ability
to kill you now. So, we’re not talking about delayed. We’re talking about real time, and these numbers
where they’re projecting 10 times as high. Look, the people in Flint, Michigan are suffering
everyday just like the people in Puerto Rico. But, now it’s okay, well if the Legionella
doesn’t kill you, you’re still going to have a horribly deficient life because we poisoned
you and your kids with lead and you’re screwed either way. Sorry, nobody is responsible.