Vanquest FATPack 5X8 First Aid Review von Stani Groeneweg

This is Stani for I’m out in the desert in the USA and today I’m going to do a review on the Vanquest individual First-Aid-Pouch. I’m going to show you what contents I’m taking with me during a trip here in the desert so the Vanquest individual First-Aid-Pouch is made of a very heavy strong material which are like it protects everything that’s on the inside and the main feature what I like about it is that is quickly accessible if I pull it open like this all the inside equipment what I need is easily accessible and straight away at hand it’s a sturdy material yeah with various attachments options for all either on the outside of the backpack at all your belt i personally like to keep all my equipment inside my backpack couple of velcros so you can actually add some some patches to it to show what it is Red Cross First-Aid-Patch for example and when I open it like i said very quickly and easily accessible and opens up so I can quickly access whatever equipment I need and so for in the desert where I’m at now most of my first aid kit doesn’t change that much is obviously a little bit aimed towards the environment but in general what I take with me at all times will always be a first-aid-field-dressing some clothing sponges these are mainly to keep heavy bleeding out if I cut myself or if somebody else cuts himself you know this is to maintain that for more extreme cases i got a tunica here yeah which can be applied to either the limbs if it necessarily for any airway management obviously not for myself but for any casualties that i have in my group I carry nasal pharyngeal and in this case for adults because i’m working with adults mostly gloves very important and for in the backcountry dioralyte rehydration salts as dehydration is very very common dehydration the loss of salts basically is very very common first aid occurrence here small things plasters and some steri-strips in the back and so I can address again small and minor wounds burn gel when we go out special survival tips and we’re working a lot with with fires you know you pick up your your hot mug or you’re burning before matter some reason or the flames of your fire you know it’s always good to have and i usually have a reference guide for first aid situations in the wilderness which I always take with me just in case in a panic situation I need some backup I need some clarification on what I’m doing yeah and my extra spare had torch i always keep in my in my first aid kit because if something happens at night and I’m rushed out somewhere yeah this is this is what I want to have with me it is my backup light as well as my my first aid kit light lately in this area where we traveling now I always carried in the jungle as well will be an EpiPen in case the African killer bees now are spreading all over the world there is an increase of people that get problems with bee stings potentially resulting in anaphylactic shock this is something you can adjust you can administ to yourself or you can administer to one of your party and one of the other things that carry with me is tweezers especially in the desert with cactus to take out any spines in any any dangerous thorns which there are abundance of here something that works really well as well which I not gotten my first aid kit but what i have in my repair kit is simple duct tape you can apply it to the area where you got the cactus spines on and then just rub it off hopefully taking with his with it the cactus spines yeah that’s it the Vanquest First-Aid-Pouch and the contents that I’m carrying it with