Vigilance Elite – Medical Training Prepping your Med Kit

then kids how to set up um let’s go so for starters Turner kicks if you have any medical equipment at all that you have for emergencies you need to get a tourniquet it needs to be out of the package it needs to be very accessible so this is a my bolt bag that I use on an everyday basis I keep it in my car so I like to rubberband it BAM right there easy access so if I need it it’s right here it’s already set up all right next thing I do if I got more med supplies you’re gonna want trauma shears why do you want trauma shears in case you have to cut through clothing which you’re gonna have to do then I got my med kit okay so it’s down the way here so all you have to do is rip this bag open alright here’s what we got bunch of trash so gosh gosh is something you definitely need you’re gonna stuff the loan to stop the bleeding right needle D that’s in case of tension NEMA 4x tape you’re gonna need tape to secure the bandages down ace wrap this stuff’s good for pressure dressings combat Goss good for stopping the bleeds same with this cell looks good for stopping little bleeds you’re gonna stuff it in there quick clot this stuff is outdated but it does work I’ve used it several times it does work no shit then you got a camera but what the hell you call these things but it’s a chest seal this is for gunshot wounds to the chest it’s gonna stop attention email or X the reason some of this stuff is not unwrapped is because it will go bad if it comes out of the wrapper this is a Ashlyn chest seal another great tool to stop sucking chest wound for gunshot wounds to the lungs tourniquet you can never have too many of these things already prepped ready to go nasal pharyngeal for Airways another good thing you need to do just to keep that airway just shove it in there another tourniquet maurice wrap trauma shears rubber gloves and then you know I always keep some Milk Duds in there so anyways alright that’s how your med kit should be set up is easy to access as possible so alright guys like our channel like our video subscribe and on Instagram