Villain Pub – Trick or Treat

This episode is sponsored by Audible. Check the link in the description for details Making your way evil today… sure does take a lot. Thinking of ways to distribute hate… takes everything you’ve got. Wouldn’t you like to rule a place? Sometimes you wanna go Where everybody hates your face. and the villains share your rage. you wanna be in the evil seat heroes are all the same You wanna go where everybody hates your face Trick or treat! Hmm I’ll take treats. Hey! Ugh… I despise Halloween now. Trick or Treaters are so annoying! They just show up demanding candy they didn’t even pay for. who does that? I love Halloween. Ugh! of course you do. Trick or treat! What’s not to love? Costumes Chaos Candy Makeup! Scaring people! Boo! AAAAAAAAAGH!!!! I’ll just stick to the old fashioned way of scaring people thank you very much! By being an all powerful evil being. And destroying everyone in my path yes what he said! If you hate Halloween so much, then why give away candy? because last year they egged us so much… It took Bowser until Thanksgiving to clean the front entrance. Raw! And if you keep scaring the little brats and stealing their candy… You’ll be cleaning it with him this year! We should be the ones that get to throw the eggs! Some of these costumes are atrocious! And some of them don’t even try! Sometimes teenagers show up at your house… and they aren’t even wearing costumes! Trick or Treat! At least these teens bothered to dress up like those ridiculous teen titans. Uh yeah… we … totally dressed up like them. gimme that! I’m your friendly… uh wait… I’m your friendly neighborhood trick or treater! Can someone say three franchises ago?! Catch up! Trick or Treat! Those muscles aren’t even real! Trick or treat! What do you know! It’s BRAT man. Gimme some candy! Because I’m Batm.. Gimme that! hahahahah! Trick or Treat! Ooooooooooo
not cool. You’re not even adolescent! What do you mean? This candy’s for our little trick or treater here. We all know who’s gonna eat that candy. And your costume is all wrong. if Harry already has his scar… Then the two of you should be dead right? Yes…. Allow me to help you with that! Avadacada NO! Awe… What is it with grown ups trick or treating anyway? Trick or Treat *CENSORED* Ugh… at least we’re back to kids in costumes again. Oh no I’m actually the real Deadpool I just cut my arms and legs off for Halloween! I should have known! Get out of here Deadpool! But do you know what the worst part about Halloween is? It used to be ours! It used to be a time for fear! People dressed like us! The dark lords! and evil powers of the night! Trick or Treat! Now they just dress up like my brother! Hey! Yes! That is the worst part! They all dress like heroes. Heroes are so annoying! When will the kids ever learn? Trick or Treat!
RAAAR! You’re… You’re not dressed as heroes? No! We wanna be scary! Raaaaaar It’s…. glorious! Take the candy! Voldy? Are you crying? I’m not crying! You’re crying! Shut up! Engorgio! Now get out! Well! I guess someone had a little change of heart You know… I believe I understand it now. Halloween isn’t just about… giving children with terrible unconvincing costumes… treats they don’t deserve. It is about kids DEMANDING treats they don’t deserve! And then threatening dirty tricks when they don’t get those treats they don’t deserve! It’s… Just like us. It’s evil! Even if you’re dressed as a hero. You can still be evil! I love you Halloween! I understand you now! Holy Cow! Someone threw a ton of eggs out here. Joker! Ha Ha Ha Ha!