We Tried Laser Treatment For Our Chronic Pain

– Previously on Can We Cure. My therapist told me that I should try and write a letter to the
doctor who did this to me. – I don’t want to say it
because I’m scared to jinx it but I think the lasers work. (upbeat music) – I cannot believe we have
been here for two weeks. I mean we have gotten so close with Leslie and her entire family. She doesn’t even really
feel like a doctor, she just feels like a
friend to us at this point. Do you know how many
people think your daughter has saved their lives
and changed their lives? – She’s told me about some of
them, yes, yeah, absolutely. – [Kelsey] How has your emotional
life changed since laser? – Since laser?
– Yeah. – Well, I mean pre and
post, I didn’t have a life, I just didn’t, I was in
a constant state of fear. I was constantly worried the next thing was gonna trigger it, it was like walking on
eggshells for your whole life. – My migraines and all of that started when I was in my early teens
and I’d say around 18, 19 is when I started to become
like almost bedridden. And I would go to college
and I would go back to my apartment and I wouldn’t leave and I had no life whatsoever. – The first five years it
was one headache a night at one o’clock in the morning,
it was like clockwork. So I spent three months a year sitting up in a chair to sleep. And if I moved just a certain way, bingo, another headache would start. – Nobody understand the pain,
I’m gonna cry right now. But you know how it feels, right? – [Kelsey] I do. – Nobody freaking knows,
unless you’ve done it. – I cannot even imagine
doing this for three years. – Why does everyone cry
when we talk about your mom? – Her daughter had TN and she
was able to help her daughter and so for her it’s
like this is a mission. – Since I was diagnosed,
she was on the computer, every single website,
I could just see her. Sometimes I’d see her crying, sometimes I’d see her throwing papers. – The more I researched, the
more my heart was just aching but I was determined and thankfully we got something, we found something. – I mean I’ve watched her go on a Sunday, you’re gonna be going to
Miami and helping people and not taking any money. She said mom, they’ve suffered
enough, I have to help them. And that’s just how she feels and I’m proud of her
for that, I really am. Some people have said, do you
really think you can help me? And I say I believe it in my heart and if we don’t have the belief
anymore, what do we have? When nobody was able to help
Lee, I was able to help her. – My grandfather, he wanted
us to open up a clinic and we opened one up and we
were just treating people and people were getting better. Like with backs, elbows,
knees, everything, like they were just getting better and we were like holy cow, this is crazy. – I wasn’t expecting
to find so many people that I could relate to
and honestly know what they’re going through and they
know what I’m going through. And talking to these people that have had success stories
is what’s kept me here. – [Lara] How are you feeling today? – Everything just feels like hot ropes, hot snakes slithering up
and down my neck and face on my right side, which sucks. – This girl messaged me last night and said that she had
had laser therapy before and that it helped her a lot. And she was like, by the way, I felt like complete shit
before I felt better. – My back hurts, my jaw
feels like it’s locked. Can you tell I’m in a bad mood? You’re in a way better mood. – I’m in such a better mood. I was so skeptical going in like, I just feel like a weight
has been lifted off my chest. – [Leslie] What the fuck is going on? – I honestly have energy. – [Leslie] I am shook right now. – Me too. Yesterday I felt like complete shit but today I’m feeling better and I actually have some
energy, it’s kind of weird. – Pepper even feels good, right, Pep? What is happening? Gotta appreciate the
little moments, right? That’s two days in a row you’ve been in a better mood after treatment. – Maybe it’s working, bitch. – She’s on the phone, telling
her friend about the treatment and how excited she is,
so I’m really happy. I was worried. We leave tomorrow and
I still haven’t written this fucking letter to the doctor. – I am getting ready to write a letter to all of the doctors
who didn’t believe me because unfortunately I
cannot pin it down to one. – I’ve got some comfort food, macaroons, I’m gonna put on some
good jams and do this. – Dear doctors, this is hard to write. I came to you for the first time when I was just 20 years old,
I was scared and in pain. When I finally got the courage to see you, you downplayed my symptoms and feelings. It took me over five years to be told what was going on with my body and I will never get those
years of my life back. – [Kelsey] Dear doctor, let’s just get the nasty stuff out of the
way, you ruined my life. I wish I could say you’ve given me the confidence to know that I can have the worst pain in the world
and still live despite it. But I have met and heard stories about other people living
with chronic illness and learning that there is hope. That maybe my purpose in life is now to connect with other people
who have chronic pain like me. You never gave me that, no,
I learned that on my own. – [Lara] I no longer need your validation, I don’t even really want your remorse, I just want you and all
doctors to be better and I want to let this go. I forgive you with all of my heart and I thank you for forcing me to find out how strong I really am, Lara. – As much as I don’t want to and as long as it’s taken me, I
forgive you wholeheartedly. With love and pain, Kelsey. I hope that they show this
at like doctor schools, med schools and shit about like just being careful what you say
around people with chronic pain. Because it can really have an affect on like how you view your
ability to get better and if you live everyday with zero hope that you’re gonna get
better, you never will. – There are strength in numbers and once we start talking
about the issues that ail us and demand answers, like we will get them. I believe you, other
people will believe you and your pain is very real. And the more we talk about it,
the less there will be pain. – [Kelsey] It’s our last
night with Lee and Leslie. – It’s so sad. – [Kelsey] And we got
our lasers and so now we get to use these when we go back to LA. – [Lara] And on the plane. – And on the plane and it’s portable, in the car, you can literally
use this thing anywhere, it’s like the size of a cellphone. Let’s get a family photo, cheese. I’m leaving with a renewed
sense of faith in people. With people like Leslie, who
are trying and not giving up and dedicating their entire life, her family, everything she’s had to do. She’s helping so many people. – She’s great, like she’s just like. – She’s great. – If nothing else, like just
having someone validate you and be like your pain is real. – That’s irreplaceable,
you can’t pay enough money. – No, yeah. – Go team, all for one,
one for all or some shit. Okay, you have to let go now. (laughing) We would have just stayed
there forever, bouncing around. Coming into this, I
thought I was gonna be here and in two weeks, I would
be leaving pain free. That’s what I told myself
was best case scenario. Worst case scenario, I
prepped myself to come here and get the treatments
and actually have it like stir up the pain more
and have some attacks. The worst case didn’t happen,
the best case didn’t happen but it’s worked for so many people, so like it has to work, right? (upbeat, pleasant music) – I honestly cannot believe
that I am out of bed right now, three hours after starting my period. It is officially day two of my period and I’m getting ready
to go on a hike, a hike. I woke up with little to no bloating. This probably hasn’t
happened to me in 10 years. I’m hoping that this is the new normal. – Oh my god, okay, our
lasers just came in the mail and they’re like the big legit ones. Big laser got here, laserin. I think it’s gonna take a much longer time for me to see any results. I can’t help but obviously be
like sad and a little jealous that it didn’t work super
noticeably different for me. – I think the laser, it
definitely can do something and it’s showing. – You guys, I’m having
one of the best days that I’ve had in months. – You are much more willing to, you know, do other things while
you’re on your period instead of feeling like
you can’t do anything and that’s been pretty great. – I’m thinking about cooking dinner and then taking my dog to the
pet store to get a new leash. Like I actually want to
go out and do things. On one hand it feels totally normal to have this much energy
and be this happy right now but on the other hand I’m
like, who the fuck are you? Because this isn’t Lara but it is now. – Guess what, guys? I’ve started dating someone
and he’s really great and I care about him a lot. I never thought it would be possible to be in a relationship
at this stage in my pain. The point is, is that instead
of burning the letter, which I have printed out right here, I’m gonna actually fucking
mail it to this doctor. This guy that I’m dating has
really given me the confidence to mail this to him, like
what do I have to lose? I’m scared. – [Jared] No need to be scared. – The mailbox is coming up
but I’m gonna shit myself. Lara said to me once, what if this doctor is still out there doing this to people? And I feel like if this
letter can make him rethink every fucking cut and stitch and movement and
consultation and suggestion and prescription to someone
else, it’s worth it to me. – Yep. (heartfelt music) – I feel better that now it’s not, like it’s not in my control anymore. I put it out there and
now it’s not mine anymore. So I made an appointment
with a new doctor, who is a bite specialist who works with neuromuscular dentistry. I felt like making a new
appointment with a new doctor, trying a new technique would just mean that I was giving up on the lasers and I’m not because I’m still using it. – So because I think the detox is actually doing something for my life, I just booked another trip to go back and get detoxed again this summer. I just feel like it’s something
that I believe in now. Even if this isn’t a
cure and even if it’s not gonna work for every person’s body, because everyone is different, I feel hopeful again and having
that hope in my heart again is worth so much more to me than what I thought going into this. – I’m not giving up, my goal really is to just try and help other people find ways. So if I have to keep on trying shit to show people that there
other options out there, then I’m gonna keep doing it. – At the end of the day
what I want people to know is that there are always more options, even when it seems like there’s not. And they may not always be accessible but the more we work and the more we fight and the more we speak up,
there will be more options and we will all get our hope back, I hope. (heartfelt guitar music)