WEEK 3! ulta 21 days of beauty

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel So we are at week three of the Ulta 21 days of beauty and if you are new here My name is penny. I am a certified advanced esthetician in Portland, Oregon. I work at Sherwood aesthetic medicine with dr Wendy Abraham and I just want to give you guys some recommendations for this last week of the sale They definitely saved the best for last there are some amazing skincare options this week So I’m gonna get started and try and get through this quickly Day one we have the renewed hope in a jar by philosophy. This is basically a moisturizer that contains alpha hydroxy acids It has a bunch of claims about improved hydration skin texture pore size that kind of thing It does contain glycolic acid as its seventh ingredient Which is fine on the ingredient list and its first couple of ingredients like cyclo penta siloxane This is a synthetic Derivative of silicone and it is very very good at trapping water in your skin. Help me with your barrier function It’s used in a lot of moisturizers because of its kind of protective nature It doesn’t necessarily moisturize your skin what it does Is it traps water in your skin? So you don’t lose water through something called trans epidermal water lab? But it also has lots of other really really fantastic Ingredients where it goes wrong is its fragrance about two-thirds of the way down the line. Otherwise, this is a fantastic Exfoliating moisturizer with barrier protection. Ok on to day two September 17th the first aid beauty face cleanser this looks incredible you guys it’s gonna be 10 bucks and you’re gonna get 5 ounces, I mean that’s insane already and it uses a bunch of antioxidants and then it’s Actual surfactant is sodium cocoa eisah Theo Nate which is a derivative of coconut oil So it’s a really really great way to get your surfactant in a product then has glycerin which is a humectant Draws water to it. It’s got some other really fantastic ingredients in it For example alan toen alan toen is a an amazing ingredient. It comes from the root of the comfrey herb It’s hydrating. It has a little bit of a character lytic action, which means it it’s slightly exfoliating it helps with wound healing It’s soothing it’s just a fantastic ingredient Allen tone is just wonderful has licorice licorice is wonderful. It has aloe This is just an excellent. Excellent Cleanser from start to finish at ten bucks for five ounces. That’s amazing Okay, the other thing on the 17th, is this strive vecten? This is the advanced acid rehydrate and replumb prior ilanic dual response Serum it’s gonna be half off of $79 and this one looks super super interesting to me. First of all, let me show you it has that dual chamber So you’re going to pump out and something’s going to come out of one side and something’s going to come out of the other side okay, so in this particular product again, we have the cyclo penta siloxane So you’re going to have that barrier kind of trapping of the water? Which is good and then you go on down the list you guys it has a mirror still nicotine eight That is the same ingredient that I was talking to you guys like about the other day in my decollete slash arms video Same brand strike Vechten. So it makes sense. It is there it’s you know, they put this in their products. This is a Ingredient that when you put it on your skin It actually converts into nice and it is very very similar to in its the way that it works to niacinamide So it can help with tyrosinase inhibiting which means it can hold your pigment down It can help with collagen production and it helps with your barrier function those are some of the main things that niacinamide will do for you, which is vitamin b3 and That is what this particular ingredient can also do that is super exciting then it has a bunch of other really Fantastic ingredients really looks exciting to me honestly, September 19th we’ve got juice beauty and I do have people ask me about juice beauty all the time and I actually think like it looks like A fantastic brand it really really does. It’s a clean brand if you’ve been interested in Juice Beauty This is a really really awesome time to pick up one of these kits at a fantastic price Okay, September 20th this is possibly the most exciting of all of these I’m gonna skip the origins morning must-haves not interested in that but this the exuberance performance peel AP 25 guys This looks like the most amazing six weeks worth of peel for half off of $77 their pads So you get an exfoliating pad and then you get the neutralizer so step 1 and step 2 thing That is super cool about this one. Is that The ingredients that they’re using are is mandelic acid and glycolic acid Mandelic acid is actually an alpha dry alpha hydroxy acid that is derived from bitter almonds and the cool thing about this This particular alpha hydroxy acid is that it was used as an antibiotic forever So it’s got that property to it But it’s also a large molecule. And so it makes it more gentle it can affect the oil production It has been shown to possibly interfere with melanin production so between the reducing oil production and reducing melanin production and it also increases collagen and elastin mandelic acid is actually Another one of those acids that isn’t talked about a lot but is seriously amazing. I’m super excited about this one Now, of course, we all know about glycolic acid smallest molecule in the alpha hydroxy acid So that’s kind of a cool combo you’ve got this large molecule and the small molecule You’re going to get kind of a dual exfoliation that way it also has glycerin in The activator pad which is a humectant So that’s going to keep that peel a little bit more gentle. The only caveat you guys is it does have methylparaben? So if you have a problem with parabens, it is in this product. The neutralizer pads are your typical neutralizer? What’s what’s exciting is the peels so I am hands-down gonna be picking this up I’m gonna definitely be checking this out for the mandelic acid Specifically, okay. So on the 21st you guys we have the Clinique Moisture Surge 72 hour replenishing hydrator if you have sensitivity to Artificial colors in your products, then you do not want to use this even though they’re last on the list You don’t the rest of this doesn’t look bad to me at all. So it’s gonna be a fantastic price point So if this is something that you use great time to replenish also on this day is the patch ology flash patch I chose the mentha Peppermint leaf extract that is not something I would want to put around my eyes So I am saying I would pass on the patch patch ology flash patch also on that day is the derma Dr. Kakadu c high-potency evening oil this is Awesome. It is so good. It’s going to be half off of the 74. It does use a 20% vitamin C ester and it also uses ferritic acid, which is fantastic combination So I definitely highly Recommend this particular vitamin and I have used this myself and I did really liked it a lot and the very last day we have It Cosmetics confidence in a cream moisturizing super cream Okay, guys, this is actually a really really good looking moisturizer I have to say it has a bunch of claims as well and the first five ingredients look excellent We have the cyclo penta siloxane again is going to help with your barrier function glycerin, which is a humectant It has butylene glycol butylene. Glycol is actually added to products to Increase the efficacy of the other ingredients in the product it’s a very small molecule and it kind of can act as a vehicle to drive things further into your skin and Then it has just a ton of really good stuff. It has Alan toen in it colloidal oatmeal is Amazing. I mean it just it really does contain a bunch of really it has turmeric So yeah, I would highly recommend this one as well So guys that is the last week of the Ulta 21 days of beauty cerned I hope that this was helpful in some way and yeah, let me know what you guys are picking up All right, you guys I will talk to you again very very soon. And thank you so much for watching